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After completion of the rituals, I send photos. Thanks to this, you will recognize that ritual was performed for you.
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On this page you can buy an Egyptian love spell based on ancient magic. It can be successfully used by believers, because during the rite I invoke only positive forces. The rite consists of seven sessions lasting several hours. This ritual is intended for people who have broken up with a partner and for people whose love is unrequited and have not been in a closer relationship together. It is absolutely forbidden to order love rituals in order to play with someone’s feelings! After performing the ritual as proof, you will receive a photo taken at the end of the rite.


The ritual evokes the energy of the strongest Egyptian gods, such as Isis, Bastet, Ra, Hathor. When casting spells, I turn to the above-mentioned deities and use props so that the spell resembles the spells used in ancient Egypt as much as possible. Please remember that in ancient Egypt, sorcerers, priests, magicians and all other persons who knew love magic were highly appreciated and held a high position in the social hierarchy. This was because their spells were highly effective and helped many people. Below I will present a brief description of the deities I refer to when casting spells. The goddess Isis was the daughter of Nut I Geba, the sister of Nephthda, Seth and Osiris, the mother of Horus. Together with her brother and son, she belonged to the chief triad of Egyptian deities. Initially, her role was limited to taking care of married couples. However, along with the cult of Osiris, she was recognized as the protector of magic. In this way, she became the patron saint of Spell Casters, and of all those who had to deal with magic. Isis stole the secret of magic from God Ra and successfully used it for her purposes. She is presented as a beautiful, black-haired woman with a hieroglyph on her head, which meant the throne. In her hand she holds an amulet called “the knot of Isis” Goddess Bastet- Next to Isis, she was the second goddess who enjoyed great popularity. Bastet became famous thanks to its friendly nature. Cats were her inseparable companions. Her friendly attitude towards these animals made the Egyptians take special care of them. She was usually portrayed as a beautiful, slender woman with the head of a cat or a lion. Bastet ensured happy relationships, love and fertility. Women wishing to have a happy relationship wore Bastet amulets with kittens. To this day, Spell Casters who deal with Egyptian magic use her help. During Egyptian love spells, I use spells to address this Goddess. Its strength helps to restoration or attract love to our lives.


Another Egyptian goddess I refer to when casting spells is Hathor – the goddess of grace. Its main attributes were a mirror and a musical instrument. In human form, she was depicted in a long red dress – tight, of course, which revealed more than it covered. Like most Egyptian goddesses, she was also a long-haired brunette, often mistaken for Isis by her followers. According to a popular myth, Hathor was born from the tears of the god Ra. A tear falling to the ground turned into a beautiful woman who delighted the Sun God with her beauty so much that he called her the Gold of the Gods. Hathor became Re’s favorite, the only one able to tame his anger and make him feel good again. The last deity I turn to when casting spells is Ra – the creator of order in the universe. Ruler of gods, people and the dead. The symbol of Re was the obelisk. As the god of the world and the sky, Re was the master of order in the universe.

Is it worth using egyptian love spell? The most important information about the spell

Egyptian spells and magic have a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Ancient Egyptians believed in the power of magic to protect themselves from harm, bring good luck and control the forces of nature. They also believed in the afterlife and used spells and rituals to ensure a smooth transition to the afterlife. Egyptian incantations were usually written on papyrus scrolls or in inscriptions on the walls of tombs and often included requests to the gods or declarations of protection. Spells were often accompanied by illustrations, which were believed to help the spell’s effectiveness. One of the most famous Egyptian spells is the Book of the Dead, a collection of incantations and prayers that were meant to guide the dead through the afterlife. The book contained spells to protect against dangerous creatures and evil spirits, as well as spells to restore life and spells for the judgment of the dead. Another famous Egyptian spell is the Eye of Ra spell, which was used to protect against evil. This spell consisted of the Eye of Ra, a powerful symbol in Egyptian mythology that represented the sun god Ra and his ability to see and understand everything. The Eye of Ra spell was usually painted on the walls of tombs or worn as an amulet to provide protection and ward off evil. Egyptian magic was also used for practical purposes, such as healing and fertility spells. Healing spells were used to treat ailments and injuries, and often involved reciting a spell and making offerings to the gods. Fertility spells were used to help couples conceive a child and included offerings and rituals to the goddess of fertility, Isis. In this text, I will focus on Egyptian love spells, which are still frequently cast by Spell Casters today and have a high effectiveness.

Love spells have been used for centuries in various cultures to attract or enhance love. One of the most ancient civilizations known for its magical practices is Egypt. Egyptian love spells are among the most popular spells in the world and were used to bring couples together, heal broken relationships and increase intimacy.
The use of magic in ancient Egypt was closely linked to people’s religious beliefs, and spells were often performed by priests or sorcerers. Egyptians believed that magic was a powerful tool that could influence the natural world and the spiritual realm. Love spells were no exception and were considered a means to invoke the gods and goddesses of love and fertility to help bring about the desired result. The most important information about Egyptian love spells is that they were not intended to manipulate or harm. In fact, there were strict rules governing the use of magic, and those who were found guilty of using spells for evil purposes could face severe punishment. The spells themselves were usually written on papyri or inscribed on objects such as amulets, and were accompanied by specific rituals and incantations. These rituals often involved the use of symbols such as flowers, incense or food to honor the deities and create a sacred space for the spell to be performed. There are many different types of Egyptian love spells, each with its own specific purpose and method. Some spells are designed to attract a specific person, while others aim to strengthen an existing relationship or heal a broken heart. One of the most popular types of Egyptian love spells is the “Knot of Isis,” which was believed to be a powerful symbol of eternal love. This spell involves tying a knot on a red string while reciting an incantation to the goddess Isis, asking for her blessing on the relationship. Another popular spell is the “Sistrum Spell,” which used the sistrum, a musical instrument associated with the goddess Hathor, to create a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. The spell was performed by shaking the sistrum while reciting incantations to the goddess, asking for her blessing on the relationship.

Here are which Egyptian deities should be addressed when casting a love spell:

Hathor is one of the most revered deities in ancient Egyptian religion. She is associated with joy, love, motherhood, music, dance and fertility. Hathor was worshipped throughout Egypt, from the early dynastic period to the Greco-Roman period, and her cult had many centers, including in Dendera, Thebes, Memphis and Edfu. Hathor’s name means “House of Horus,” reflecting her role as the mother of Horus. According to some myths, Hathor was born from the forehead of Ra, the sun god, and was sent to earth to bring people joy and happiness. In other myths, she was the daughter of Nut, the sky goddess, and Geb, the earth god. Hathor was associated with many different aspects of life, including music, dance and joy. She was often depicted playing the sistrum, a musical instrument made of a metal frame with rattling metal discs, or the tambourine. She was also known as the patroness of dance, and many dancers dedicated their performances to her. Hathor was believed to have the power to uplift and inspire people, and her worshipers often invoked her to bring joy and happiness into their lives. In addition to her association with music and dance, Hathor was also closely associated with motherhood and fertility. She was often depicted with the horns of a cow, symbolizing her nurturing and protective nature. Hathor was believed to protect mothers and children, and women often prayed to her for help with childbirth and fertility. She was also associated with the annual flooding of the Nile River, which was essential for agriculture and the fertility of the land. The Hathor cult had many centers of worship throughout Egypt, and each center had its own rituals and traditions. One of the most important centers of Hathor worship was the temple of Hathor at Dendera, which was built during the Ptolemaic period (305-30 BC) and was one of the last temples built in ancient Egypt. The temple was dedicated to Hathor and her companion, Horus, and was decorated with elaborate reliefs and paintings depicting their myths and legends.

Bastet, also known as Bast, was one of the most popular goddesses in ancient Egyptian mythology. She was a feline deity, revered for her beauty, grace and fierce protective instincts. Bastet was often depicted as a woman with the head of a cat.

Origin and evolution of Bastet
Bastet’s origins date back to the early dynastic period in Egypt, around 3100 BC. At that time, she was known as the lioness goddess of the sun and war, and was revered as a fierce protector of the pharaohs. Over time, however, Bastet’s role evolved and she came to be associated with more gentle and caring qualities. During the Middle Kingdom period (2055-1650 BC), Bastet became one of the most popular goddesses in Egypt, and temples dedicated to her were built in many cities. Her image was placed on amulets, jewelry and other decorative objects. Her cult reached its peak in the Late Period (664-332 BC), when she was considered the goddess of fertility and sexuality.

Attributes and symbolism of Bastet
In ancient Egypt, Bastet was associated with a wide range of attributes and symbols. She was known as the goddess of the home, childbirth, fertility and music, and was often called upon to protect women and children. She was also associated with the moon, which was believed to have a calming effect on both cats and humans. In art, Bastet was often shown with a sistrum, a musical instrument believed to ward off evil spirits. She was also associated with the feline goddesses Mafdet and Sekhmet, and was sometimes shown with a lion’s head instead of a cat’s head.
Bastet’s most important symbol was the cat, which was considered sacred in ancient Egypt. Cats were often kept as pets and were believed to have special powers, including the ability to protect homes and ward off evil spirits. They were also associated with the goddesses Bastet, Mafdet and Sekhmet, and were sometimes mummified and buried with their owners.

Cult of Bastet
Bastet was worshipped throughout Egypt, and temples dedicated to her were located in many cities, including Bubastis, Memphis and Thebes. Her festivals were among the most important in the Egyptian calendar and attracted crowds of worshippers.

Tefnut is a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion who was associated with various aspects of nature, including rain, moisture, fertility and love. She was one of the earliest deities worshipped in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, and her importance in Egyptian mythology has remained significant through the centuries. In this article, we will explore the myths and symbols associated with Tefnut and her role as the goddess of love.
Tefnut was usually depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness or a lioness herself. This feline association is significant because lions were believed to be associated with the sun, and Tefnut was believed to be the daughter of the sun god, Ra. Tefnut was also considered the goddess of love and beauty. She was often depicted holding a lotus flower or wearing a headdress decorated with lotus flowers. The lotus was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration and was often associated with the goddess of love and fertility. Tefnut’s association with the lotus flower is significant because it represents the idea of love as a transformative force that can bring new life and growth. In Egyptian mythology, Tefnut was believed to be the wife of Shu, god of the air, father of Geb, god of the earth, and Nut, goddess of the sky. Together, Tefnut and Shu were believed to create a cosmic balance that provided stability and order in the universe. Tefnut’s role as the goddess of love and fertility is significant because it represents the importance of love and relationships in ancient Egyptian culture. Love was seen as a transformative

force that could bring new life and growth, and it was believed that love between the gods was responsible for the creation and stability of the universe. Tefnut’s association with the lotus flower also represents the idea of love as a regenerative force that can bring new beginnings and growth.

Anuket was an ancient Egyptian deity, also known as Anqet or Anukis. She was the goddess of the Nile River and was often depicted as a woman wearing a high headdress with a feather or a pair of ostrich feathers. Sometimes she was also depicted as a gazelle or a crocodile, both of which were associated with the Nile. Anuket was revered primarily in the city of Elephantine, which was located in the southernmost part of Egypt, near the border with Nubia. Her temple there was named Anuket Temple and was one of the most important religious sites in the region. The temple is believed to have been built during the Old Kingdom, although it was later expanded and renovated by various pharaohs over the centuries.
Anuket was often depicted holding a scepter topped with the symbol of life, known as the ankh, or lotus flower, which was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. She was sometimes depicted standing on a boat made of papyrus, a common symbol of the importance of the Nile to Egyptian culture and society.

Props used when casting Egyptian love spells

Perfume is a popular ingredient in many Egyptian love spells. The scent of perfume arouses feelings of love and desire in the person you wish to attract. Popular perfumes used in these spells include lotus, myrrh and frankincense.

Herbs and flowers
Herbs and flowers are another component of egyptian love spells. Some of the most commonly used include rose petals, jasmine, cinnamon and coriander. These ingredients are often combined in a sachet or other container and carried as a way to attract love and romance.

In addition to physical ingredients, incantations and spells are used to invoke love and attraction. These incantations are often written on papyrus or other objects and recited as part of a ritual. They usually include the names of the people involved, as well as specific instructions on what effect the spell is supposed to have.

Statues and amulets
Statues and amulets have magical power in love affairs. The goddess Hathor, who was associated with love and beauty, was often depicted in statue form and invoked in love spells.

Magic oils
Magic oils are another ingredient used in Egyptian love spells. These oils are made by combining various herbs and other ingredients and used to anoint the body or other objects. They have a powerful magical effect when it comes to attracting love and romance.

It is important to recognize that the use of magic and spells should be approached with caution and a deep understanding of their potential effects. It is always important to seek professional help with love affairs and remember that no spell or incantation can replace the value of healthy communication, respect and mutual consent in any relationship.

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  • D. Smith

    I must recommend Samael! He has been very quick to reply and the photo sent is genuine. How do I know? Because our names and picture were on the ritual alter. The ritual was completed last night and already our situation is getting better. We are not together but we have met up 2 days ago and communication was warmer and more intimate. My target even told me that last night there were some problems in her current relationship and is breaking off that relationship. I know we still have a long way to go but I am so positive and I cannot deny the changes in the last 3 days. It will only get better everyday. Thankyou Samael for opening the doors to the desired result

  • D. Smith

    I have just ordered the Egyptian Love Spell. I must say that Samael is very quick to reply. Will update with results soon

  • Shanaya

    Thanks to an Egyptian spell, I got my man back who had left for a female friend from work. At first I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I started looking for information about love magic and came across the website I ordered an Egyptian spell and waited for the results, although I didn’t expect much. It turned out to be a positive surprise, the Egyptian spell worked 9 weeks after ordering. The man came back to me and we have been together again for 4 weeks.

  • turnip

    I recommend an Egyptian spell that made me get back in 8 weeks the man who left me because he claimed he lacked freedom. When ordering I didn’t believe in the results, luckily those results came. I am really happy.

  • ivone

    Thanks to an Egyptian spell, I got back the man I had been fighting for several years. We had known each other for 3 years, but he didn’t want to be with me. I tried to get him, but he was not interested in a relationship with me. Finally, I ordered an egyptian love spell from I wasn’t counting on miracles, but after 6 weeks he started to show more interest in me. He started asking me out on small dates. After another few weeks, he proposed that we become a couple. I agreed and was very happy. Now we have been together for over a month and I am very happy, we feel great about each other.

  • N

    How long does it take to make effect?

  • Holy

    I decided that I would also write in and tell my situation, because Egyptian love spell gave amazing results. I met the man through my friends. I liked him straight away. Tall, handsome, well-built. At first I thought he didn’t like me, but he also began to express an interest in me. We made a date. The date was successful, and we started seeing each other more and more. I felt that we were getting closer, we understood each other very well, sex was also great. However, he avoided talking about a more serious relationship with me. He wanted to continue this relationship in the same way. More than half a year has passed, I was already in love, I felt that this is the man I want to be with. I decided to arrange a serious conversation with him, during which I would learn more about his plans. I was hoping that if I gave an ultimatum – either the relationship or the end of the relation, he wouldn’t want to lose me. Unfortunately, he didn’t want a lasting relationship. He said he didn’t want a relationship with me and we could end this relation. It was a huge blow for me. Time passed and I had no contact with him, I was still thinking about him. After 2 months, I decided to try love magic. My choice fell on this site, I used egyptian love spell. Samael, when I described my situation, gave me a 60% chance of success. I had to wait up to 4 months for the effects. For the first 7 weeks, nothing happened. I was starting to lose hope of the spell’s success. I still had no contact with the man, I didn’t know what was happening with him. Then there was a breakthrough. The man contacted me via facebook. It made me very happy. We arranged a casual meeting. This meeting was quiet, we didn’t talk about any irritating topics, he said that he was thinking about me too and would like to keep in touch with me. Overall, I was happy about it, I missed him very much from the moment I broke off the relationship. For the next 6 weeks, we met quite regularly. It was meeting in restaurants, we were dating coffee, chatting but not having sex. Finally, at one of our next meetings, he himself suggested that we become a couple. He said he thought it over and he didn’t meet a woman like me. I was incredibly happy at that moment. It was one of the best moments of my life. We’ve been together for a month, it’s going great and I hope nothing will keep us apart. In conclusion, I would like to thank Samael very much for casting a successful spell. At the time of ordering, I didn’t believe that it could turn out to be so effective.

  • Mackenzie

    I wanted to share my observations in retrospect. In 2018, I ordered an egyptian love spell from because my marriage was hanging in the balance. I think we managed to … we are married to this day, two years ago our son was born, who is the apple of daddy’s eye. I can say that we are happily married – we have worse and better times but we are still together and since this ritual my husband has never threatened me with divorce – even in the case of the biggest quarrel. Before, he did this very often. I recommend Samael’s services.

  • Nancy

    I am after the ritual and waiting for the results, this is my third ordered ritual, but only with this Spell Caster I got a photo proof. I admit that photography is impressive. Samael does his best and replies quickly to my messages. If that doesn’t help, it’s probably nothing.

  • Serenity

    Following your opinions, I also decided to order Egyptian love spell. 5 days ago, a man offered me to come back. The results came unexpectedly quickly, after just a month.

  • fary

    The Egyptian spell worked, although were days when I completely lost my patience and faith in the success of this spell. Man came back to me 4 weeks ago, we see each other practically every day and we get along very well. Greetings.

  • Swedish

    Egyptian spells produced the results I expected. I am grateful. Thank you.

  • Paul

    Thank you for perform the effective spell. The effects came after 10 weeks.

  • Paul

    The Egyptian spell worked. At the very beginning, literally a few days, boy renewed contact with me. Then this contact broke off for a while. When I was losing hope, he spoke up again, and there were 2 more meetings. During the third meeting, he unexpectedly offered to return. The total waiting time for the effects was 9 weeks. For my part, I can recommend this spell, although during the period of waiting for the result I experienced mood swings, in the end the dream effects came about. Greetings.

  • Danny

    I had a difficult love situation and came across this site. I decided to used egyptian love spell. Honestly, I didn’t quite believe in the results. Meanwhile, 10 days after the end of spells, my beloved spoke to me. We started seeing each other and decided to try again. Spell worked.

  • Enigma

    Which spell is more effective? Love binding spell or egyptian love spell?

  • Paul

    I ordered the Egyptian Love spell 14 weeks ago. In the first two weeks after the perform, I did not have any results. After that, the man spoke to me. It was a surprise for me. For several weeks we kept in touch mainly via messenger. Six weeks after the end of the spells, we started dating. Meetings became more and more regular, until finally he offered to come back. Of course, I agreed. I am very pleased with the results, thank you for performed spells.

  • Zara

    Results came after 7 weeks. I am very pleased with the work of spell.

  • Ivy

    My love situation was quite difficult, the boy left me for a friend. But Egyptian love spell worked. The boy came back to me. Currently, two months after our return, we are doing quite well.

  • swimmer

    For me, as in several cases described above, the Egyptian Love Spell worked. Boy is with me again, for which I thank you very much.

  • Dolphin

    In my message, I wish to thank you for the Egyptian love spell. Spell worked, although my situation was not very interesting, we were not together 5 months before spell. After the egyptian spells were performed, matters started to get better very slowly until we finally got back together.

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