Love Spells

Is it possible to renew our relationship – love magic

I decided to create a dozen articles with descriptions of various love situations, and my advice on which spell would be most effective in a given case. Here are the characteristics of another case:

I am writing about a love matter, how it will turn out, I really care about him, but since the new year everything has turned out to be bad. He doesn’t want to be with me, he said he doesn’t feel it. So why did he keep in touch all the time, give signs? Now he is silent, unless I write him first, then he will answer something. I do not know what to do??? I thought that after New Year’s Eve we would be a couple and that it would be ok, but it turned out otherwise. I really care about him. Can our relationship be renewed ??”

He seems to be an indecisive person. Probably, he doesn’t know what he wants. I believe that there is a good chance that love magic will work in this situation. Two spells would be most appropriate – Classic Love spell, or Love Binding Spell.