Love Spells

Love spells- white and black magic

Love spells can make what we are waiting for with great longing happen in an instant. Some of the magical rituals are capable of attracting the love of a specific person, while others serve at least to lure the dream ideal, without pointing to a specific one. Love spells were firmly rooted in the culture of at least the Slavs, and many of them are still practiced today. Each of them hides great power, so they should be used with great caution.

What are love spells anyway?

Love spells are one of the oldest magical practices, especially in Slavic culture. They used to be cast by nuns and whisperers, and herbal mixtures or twigs of specific plants were necessary to perform the spells. Nowadays, love spells definitely look different. In fact, they boil down to manifestations, or strings of words, which are spoken or written down on cards under certain circumstances.

Love spells are actually white magic, that is, magic that allows us to evoke supernatural phenomena, but without the involvement of demons, devils or other unclean forces. Its effects are much weaker than black magic, but at least there are no side effects.

Above all, it is used to help others and spread general goodness. Magic that comes at the expense of harm cannot be referred to as white magic. White magic serves those who practice it. Rituals specified or sequences of incantations for living attract positive energy, giving us a sense of abundance and happiness.

However, there is an extremely fine line between white and black magic. Even when we cast positive spells and perform good rituals, spells will no longer be white if they are laced with bad intentions.

Love spell with a photo

And how to charm the man of your dreams? If we feel that we are not indifferent to a guy we care a lot about, we can try a simple love spell with a photo. We won’t need any secret formula or herbs that are hard to find. White magic will use the energy of our feelings. In order to be able to perform the spell, we should gaze with concentration at the photo of our beloved and speak out loud our really good intentions.