Terms and conditions

When you ordering my services you agree that you are 18 or older and have read, agreed and accepted our Terms and conditions.

You understand, agree and accept that spiritual, metaphysical services such as the ones provided on our platform do not come with a guarantee, that results cannot be guaranteed and that results may vary from case to case.

By ordering my services you are paying for the materials used for spell and the time that I have to spend during their service as well as the support they give you and the included free readings.

Proof of work and service is delivered as a photo and sent to your email after the spell is completed

You understand, agree and accept that once a spell is casted it cannot be undone.

You understand, agree and accept that the payment you are doing to order my service is associated with your own real name and bank account, paypal account or credit card and that you are not using someone else’s credit card or paypal account.

I protect your privacy and will usually not share your information with third-party unless Paypal requires details from me or higher instances demand that we do so.

I always deliver my spiritual work, accordingly you never have to fear paying for a service that you won’t receive.


Refund Policy

Because I work with spiritual and metaphysical services no refunds are offered (read my FAQ section for more infos), should you not be satisfied with my services, I will work for free in a second attempt to obtain results. Spiritual services are not scientific it is not possible to predict their outcome, you are paying for my time, work, support and for the ingredients needed for spell.

I have a strict no refund policy: By ordering my services you understand, agree and accept that you are not entitled to a refund of any sort this also includes refunds or chargebacks through other connected platforms that process or send/receive payments (Paypal, Credit Cards or Debit Cards).

Fraudulent chargebacks under false claims: False claims that our service wasn’t provided, someone else used my account or credit/debit card when there is proof of the opposite will be reported to the respective institutions for fraudulent behavior. You will be listed as a fraudulent buyer, we reserve ourselves the right to expose this behavior by necessary means. I am serious about my work and will not tolerate dishonest behavior.

When you ordering my services you agree and understand that you should always reach out to me first if there is a problem with your order.