Love Spells

Is there a chance to get it back? How would a love spell be appropriate?

I decided to create a dozen articles with descriptions of various love situations, and my advice on which spell would be most effective in a given case. Here are the characteristics of another case:

Our relationship lasted less than two years, I loved and felt loved. An argument broke out between us over a person from his past. He reacted nervously. It was the reason for the breakup. He went back to his old life, claiming that he loves me anyway. I don’t know what now, we don’t contact, his last words are that he misses me a lot. Will the relations between us be the same as before? Will we hug each other and say these two most important words? does he still feel the same as me ?? is he in trouble I’m afraid he is abusing alcohol. I would love to get it back. Is there a love charm that would give it back to me?”

I believe that the chances of success are very good. He doesn’t have another woman. That’s why I think Love Binding Spell or Egyptian Love spell should be enough to get it back.