Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Third eye chakra: 10 ways to heal the wisdom chakra

Learn how to open the third eye chakra, otherwise known as the wisdom chakra. Take control of yourself instead of giving in to the cravings of your body and senses. Open yourself to a new dimension of reality and a deeper spiritual journey. The third eye chakra is located slightly above the gap between the eyebrows. It is symbolically associated with the colors indigo and sapphire, and the sense of sight. It is responsible for our intuition, parapsychic abilities, rich imagination, contact with the Higher Self and inner knowledge. It enables us to look at experiences and life from a broader perspective.

Signs of disorders in the third eye chakra:

rejection of spirituality;

trusting only the intellect;

satisfying only bodily and material needs, without spiritual development;

lack of trust in oneself and one’s intuition;

rush of thoughts;

the view that only your opinions are right;

shutting off your imagination and difficulty visualizing anything;

lack of faith in dreams;

lack of a sense of fulfillment in life;

a sense of loneliness and lack of support;

difficulty in making decisions;

a belief that there is no point to your work/activities;

on a physical level, these can include headaches, back pain, leg pain, insomnia, memory and vision problems, sinus pain;

feelings of frustration and powerlessness as a result of rejecting the spiritual element within yourself, inner wisdom and blocking the expression of your own soul;

feelings of anxiety, problems with setting life goals and self-confidence;

overactivity of the chakra manifests itself in the rejection of worldly matters and focusing only on the spiritual world.

It is important to be ready to open the third eye chakra. We need to first harmonize and cleanse the lower chakras, quiet our mind, and change our consciousness to a high-vibrational one. Take care of grounding. Otherwise, we may suffer the negative consequences of prematurely opening the sixth chakra. There are two main causes when the third eye chakra becomes blocked – a traumatic experience and the feeling of being undervalued by other people.

A harmonized third eye chakra manifests itself in trusting intuition, being guided by life, free flow of inspiration, rich imagination, and a sense of oneness with everything. Opening the wisdom chakra can activate parapsychic abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Its opening is certainly a moment of transition to a new reality and a profound level of spiritual development. It will translate into a sense of security, self-expression, manifestation of dreams and a sense of fulfillment in life. If you feel you are ready – check out how to work with this chakra.

1. Surround yourself with the color dark blue, sapphire

Burn candles in this color, put navy blue accessories in your apartment. Have with you at all times some piece of clothing or jewelry in this color. If you happen to have limited access to items or a certain dress code at work, just visualize a navy blue sky, flowers or sea.

2. Stop the movement of eye energy

Moving your eyeballs sets energy in motion. If you stop your eyes for a moment, the accumulated energy will start looking for another outlet. It can then flow through the sixth chakra, you will then feel warmth in that area. Try this technique by practicing it several times during the day and see how it affects you.

3. Third Eye Massage

Find a quiet and safe place, sit comfortably, quiet your mind. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Then massage the sixth chakra in circular motions, clockwise. You should feel a sense of relaxation. You can also massage this area by moving your hand upward.

4. Observe the starry night sky

Don’t the stars have a dimension of absolute in them? There is something grand and mysterious about contemplating the night sky. And it is this practice that also affects our third eye chakra, opening it and deepening contact with intuition and the inner voice.

5. The healthful power of stones

Equip your home with precious stones that will help you harmonize and open the sixth chakra – garnet tourmaline, sodalite, tanzanite, sapphire, dark amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli. Carry any of these stones with you or create unique jewelry from several.

6. Support yourself with music

Listen to recorded music at 852 Hz.

In addition to this, you can mantra daily the vowel I, whose vibration corresponds to this chakra.

7. Take advantage of the beneficial power of essential oils

You can choose your favorite scent and dispense from an aromatherapy fireplace or other tool. There are also various natural perfumes based on natural oils. Look for the scent of jasmine, ginger, lemon balm or peppermint. See what works best for you.

8. Take care of a proper diet

Try to avoid highly processed foods, make sure you eat a balanced diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids (fish, walnuts, cod liver oil), consisting of natural products. Also consume dark chocolate. A healthy diet affects your nervous system, and therefore also the sixth chakra.

9. Affirmations

Affirmations are positive sentences that you repeat to yourself regularly until your subconscious accepts them as truth. You can hang up small cards with your favorite sentences or prepare an audio recording for yourself to drive or listen to before bed. In addition, remind yourself of them in your mind throughout the day and out loud in the morning when you look in the mirror.

I trust my intuition.

I listen to my inner voice. All the answers are within me.

I have the power to realize my goals and dreams.

I make decisions with ease.

My work makes sense.

I can spot and develop my talents.

Intuition is my compass in life. I trust myself.

These are just examples, you can create your own affirmations.

10. open yourself to free creative expression

If you want to listen to your inner voice, practice painting/dancing/intuitive writing. These are wonderful tools to listen to yourself, get to know yourself better and open up to your intuition.