Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Heart chakra: 5 ways to heal the heart space

Anahata – heart space, our fourth chakra. We have recently begun a new Age of Aquarius, which also involves an energetic shift from solar plexus chakra activity to the heart chakra. This is the perfect time to work on harmony within ourselves.

The heart chakra is located in the heart area and is symbolized by the lotus flower with twelve petals and the colors green, gold and pink. It is responsible for the feeling of unconditional love, successful relationships with others, ease of forgiveness, sensitivity to beauty, allowing oneself to give and take with joy. A huge impact on this chakra comes from our thoughts in the area of topics about love, forgiveness and relationships with others. By working with it, we can also discover its rich potential for healing ourselves and others.

Manifestations of a blocked heart chakra:

you have a belief that you are incapable of loving or undeserving of love;

you have difficulty feeling empathy;

you tend to complain;

you are indifferent to the beauty of the world, unable to feel awe;


a sense of loneliness;


difficulties in relationships with others;

you dislike group cooperation;

you dwell on old wounds and have trouble forgiving;

you feel an imbalance in your life;

you have problems enjoying other people’s successes, you easily fall into jealousy, envy;

lack of self-acceptance and confidence in life;

secretiveness, closure to others and love;

a sense of emptiness;

fear of rejection;

lack of feeling joy in life;

heart health problems.

A low level of energy in this chakra manifests itself through a sense of undeserving love, emotional swings, a tendency to focus only on oneself and a rejection of the heart’s voice. A high level manifests itself in overprotectiveness, excessively fulfilling the needs of others, worrying about what other people think/say, helping by force.Harmony in the heart chakra allows one to follow the voice of the heart, free oneself from excessive attachment to people and the material world, feel unconditional love, forget grudges, engage wholeheartedly in one’s activities, exude love, be compassionate and establish healthy, harmonious relationships with others.

Ways to unblock the heart chakra

The basic and simplest tool is to focus attention on the heart chakra. The very awareness of its existence activates the flow of energy within us. The second step is to cultivate self-love. Start treating yourself with tenderness, attentiveness, taking care of your needs. Repeat to your reflection in the mirror the words “I love you”, look with pride and joy at your body, face, appreciate yourself. Once you love yourself, begin to cultivate love for others. You can add to this the practice of Loving Kindness meditation. What else can you do?

1. Work with stones

Malachite will open you to unconditional love, aventurine will increase love for life, increase the level of compassion and empathy. Rose quartz radiates with the energy of pure love, will support the healing process of any injuries, will release love for yourself and others, will open you to confidently receive and give love.

2. Surround yourself with green, pink and gold

Wear clothes and jewelry in this color, burn candles, enrich your home with accessories that are associated with the colors of the heart chakra.

3. Get in touch with nature

Spring is the time of falling in love, this is when the world blooms with beautiful, luscious greenery and recharges our heart chakra. Be out in nature, especially when it rains. Be awestruck, cherish the beauty of greenery and feel peace in your heart.

4. Play with your beloved pet

Nothing opens the heart to unconditional love like playing with your beloved pet. Show him your attention, take care of him, play with him, look into his eyes and feel the boundless love within you.

5. Work with sound

Mantra the vowel A and the mantra Yam. They will positively affect your heart chakra, fill you with a sense of unconditional love and peace. You can also listen to music at the appropriate frequencies.