Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Angelic stone Seraphinite and its harmonizing power

Meet Seraphinite – a stone of harmonizing energy, saving relationships in even the most hopeless moments. But above all, it is a stone of contact with higher vibrations – it facilitates communication with Angelic Beings and spirit guides. It is an extremely rare mineral, from the silicate cluster. It is found in Russia, near Lake Baikal. It owes its name to Seraphim – the highest in the hierarchy of angels – and to its appearance. It has a green hue, mostly with an admixture of white with a pearly luster. This admixture of white is arranged in a shape resembling feathers from angel wings. Its green color is associated with development and the heart chakra. Seraphinite can also strike in colors such as brown, red, yellow, among others. It is one of the most potent energetic stones, both for our spirit, body and life.

Properties of Seraphinite

The stone is especially recommended for people under the sign of the bull. However, to everyone it can bring peace and serenity, relieve stress and tension. It will also bring harmony to the environment. Placing it on the third eye chakra causes its activation. By opening the third eye, it helps us not only to develop spiritually, but also to awaken self-healing abilities. In addition, it harmonizes the other chakras and raises energy levels. It helps us feel oneness with the Universe and find inner peace and understand and feel the energy of our own Spirit. Sharpens the senses and opens to visions. It will help discover and awaken the talents with which we came into the world. It is recommended for those who want to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It will work well for meditation. It will also improve our relationships with others.

It also has healing properties – especially for colds. It will support the work of the heart and lungs. It will improve the condition of the liver and kidneys, while helping to detoxify them. It will strengthen the process of nourishing the cells in the body and improve the metabolic process. If you are tormented by depression, take advantage of its wonderfully cleansing properties – its power will wash away your sadness and depression. Its harmonizing energy will also benefit tensions in your muscles, relaxing them.

Working with its energy, you can joyfully look forward to fulfillment and happiness in life. Abundance, prosperity and good fortune can enter your daily life. Positive energy will flow into your life and make it easier for you, both to make decisions and surround yourself with positivity. Instead of focusing on tearing up old wounds or anticipating negativity, you will focus on the present, new opportunities and finding solutions to your problems. You will begin to live in harmony with your heart and remove old patterns that no longer serve you. You will get on your path to follow it with courage and joy.

Seraphinite energy and our relationship

The energy of this stone brings harmony to relationships as well. It helps us become more loving, eager to give selflessly and care for the other person. This energy helps to grow not only spiritually, but also mentally. To open up to our needs and to communicate them. To be full of loving inner joy and ready to share them. In moments of crisis, the power of Seraphinite energy will help you not to give up in your relationship and fight for love. You will look for solutions to your problems with maturity and talk about them openly.

Help in contacting the Angels

This stone is used to contact the Angels. Worn with you, it will help you invoke your Guardian Angel and spiritual guides. It will also help contact the Angels while sleeping or meditating.

What stones can it be combined with?

Seraphinite will enhance the energy of the following stones: tiger’s eye, cordierite, rose quartz, sunstone, amethyst.

How to use it?

We can certainly use seraphinite for daily meditation. If we want to act on the energy of the heart chakra with it, we should wear it near it – for example, in the bra. Because of its beautiful appearance, it will also work well as jewelry – earrings or a pendant. When kept in a wallet, it will positively affect the financial sphere. Do not keep it in a place exposed to high temperatures. To clean it, wash it with lukewarm water. We can use soap for this when it gets dirty. It is recommended to store it in a bag, away from household appliances.