Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Throat Chakra: 8 ways to heal your communication chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra, responsible for the expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas, but also the other four, lower chakras. That’s why it’s so important to keep it harmonized and working efficiently. Learn simple and quick ways to work with your throat chakra.

How can you tell if your throat chakra is disturbed?

You have problems with expressing your opinions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, with self-expression;

You are unable to talk about your needs and expectations;

You lack assertiveness, have problems with refusal;

You feel a lack of a creative approach to life;

You are insecure when dealing with new people;

You criticize others easily and have problems listening to people, respecting different opinions;

You are excessively talkative, both verbally and mentally;

You find it easier to say what others want to hear and put on masks rather than revealing yourself.

Of the physical symptoms, these can include sore throat, hoarseness, infections, headaches, neck stiffness, jaw tightness and jaw pain. Harmonized chakras mean a harmonized, satisfying life, full of love, peace, joy and abundance. It’s worth working with this theme and seeing how it affects our lives.

How to work with the throat chakra?

1. Surround yourself with blue color

This can be blue candles, blue walls in the room, clothes, a scarf worn around the neck, or curtains. The blue color corresponds to the throat chakra and supports the process of working with it.

2. Contemplation of the blue sky or blue sheet of water

You can also meditate by observing a clear sky or a river, lake or sea. These are ideal places to meditate on the throat chakra because they are filled with blue color.

3. Work on your expressions

Regain confidence in your articulation, speak thoughtful sentences and fearlessly communicate your needs and expectations to others. Call emotions and situations by their names, have the courage to express your opinions while remaining open to what others say. Also avoid gossiping and lying, this is not only a sign of a disturbed throat chakra, but also the fastest way to deepen disharmony.

4. Use the right affirmations

According to recent reports by scientists – everything is energy, including our thoughts and words. Affirmations are positive sentences that strengthen us and change our way of thinking, perceiving ourselves, the world, everyday situations to positive ones.

Sample affirmations for working with the throat chakra:

I am a great speaker.

My ability to communicate is at the highest level.

I openly and clearly express my needs, feelings and expectations.

I express myself with ease.

I am creative and imaginative.

I communicate easily with others.

5. working with crystals

Blue kyanite, lapis lazuri and azurite will work perfectly. You can meditate with them, carry them with you or put them under your pillow before bed. It’s also a great idea to wear jewelry made of these stones, which will not only affect our chakras, but also look beautiful.

6. Take care of proper posture

The head should be above the shoulders, in a straight line with the spine and neck, and not excessively bent forward. Pay attention to this, especially during walks, conversations with others, and moments of feeling worse.

7. Practice yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga are numerous, including a calmer mind, better physical condition, increased immunity and fitness, and greater resistance to pain. Appropriate yoga sequences can also help with the throat chakra. The following positions are recommended: lion, fish and halasana (plow position).

8. Use herbs and essential oils

Recommended herbs include green mint, peppermint, cloves and fennel. Be sure to drink them regularly over an extended period of time. Helpful oils are sage and eucalyptus – you can use them for aromatherapy in a special fireplace or steam baths under a towel.