Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

9 simple and effective ways to strengthen your aura

The aura is an intangible energy field that surrounds the body. It also surrounds all other living organisms. This means that when we interact with other people, animals and even plants, we unknowingly come into contact with their auras. Everything in the Universe is energy, and although you can’t see it, you can feel it. Quantum physics can scientifically confirm its presence. There is a fascinating world of positive and negative energy all around us. Learn how to take care of your aura and cleanse it from negative influences!

The aura reflects our thoughts, actions, mental state and the state of our chakras – energy centers. It is also a subtle space for energy exchange with the environment and a protective cocoon for ourselves. When we are healthy, calm and joyful our aura consists of bright colors and high, strong vibrations, and our cocoon has no breaks. Negative energies then have no influence on us, often they can’t even sense us.

However, at the time of inner chaos, negative thoughts, depression or illness, we emanate low vibrations, the aura is dark in color and the protective field is irregular. We are then susceptible to the influence of negative energies, we can even attract the thoughts and emotions of beings emanating low vibrations or entities that prey on others. Fortunately, just as we can take care of our health or fitness on a daily basis, we can also cleanse ourselves and strengthen our aura. Learn the most effective ways, find your favorite and practice them regularly starting today!

1. Grounding and support from nature

Nature is not only a stunning beauty that soothes, fills you with gratitude and raises your vibration. Researchers at the University of Exete’s School of Medicine, in a study conducted on a group of 1,000 people, found that those living near green areas achieved immediate improvements in health that continued for about 3 years. Why are green areas so important for our health? Because of the presence of negative ions. They are the ones that cleanse our bodies and aura from harmful radicals. If we sit too long in a stuffy room, we often start to get a headache, experience fatigue, mood deterioration and irritability. This is due to a decrease in negative ions and an increase in positive ions in the air. That’s why it’s so important to regularly air our rooms, stay outdoors and recharge ourselves with the energy of the forest or other wild areas.

The best way to ground yourself and benefit deeply from negative ionization is to stand barefoot on the ground. This can be a walk on the grass or a power position, with bare feet firmly on the ground, the spine straight, knees slightly bent, chest open and arms raised. By the way, an upright spine is a daily basis. That way you don’t block the flow of energy. Also, forget about putting your leg over your leg. However, if you feel uncomfortable in someone’s company, then it’s a good idea to cross your arms and legs. This will prevent an attack on your energy field.

If there is a waterfall in your neighborhood or it is drizzling outside, then you will also experience the increased power of negative air ionization.

2. Shower and scrub your entire body

Not everyone lives near a waterfall, it doesn’t rain every day, but everyone has access to water at home. Do you sometimes feel like a newborn after a shower? Running water cleanses you from the influence of other people! The water can’t be too warm, let it flow over you with the intention of cleansing, let it be a conscious moment, not a shower with your head at work or an argument from a moment ago. Doing a scrub with the intention of releasing from negative influences is also excellent. Perform it after being in crowded places or when you return from a meeting in a bad mood. If you have a bathtub at home, you can take an intentional cleansing bath with lots of salt and light natural candles in black or white.

3. Body sharpening

Energy blockages can be removed by cauterizing meridian points in the body. This is a simple activity that you can do anywhere and anytime! With your loose fingertips (without stiffening them too much), vigorously tap the top of your head, upper lip, chin, collarbone and the point below your eyes. You will feel a lift of energy afterwards.

4. Power of stones

You will also cleanse your aura by holding a rock crystal, onyx, black tourmaline or citrine in your hand. Green tourmaline additionally repairs damage in the aura. You can choose one of these stones and carry it with you, close to your body, for example, in the form of a pendant. The protective power will accompany you all the time. Remember to cleanse the stones once in a while by washing them under running water, exposing them to sun or moonlight, or burying them in the ground.

5. Expose yourself to the sun

The sun is not only an essential dose of vitamin D for our bodies. It is also a strengthening of our aura and an energy transformation. The sun’s rays provide us with vital energy, so take advantage of them whenever you can. And in winter, organize a short vacation in a sunny place or at least a short break from work whenever you see the sun outside your window on a beautiful cold day.

6. Practice yoga and simply move more

Yoga is not only a strong, healthy body and a resilient, calm psyche. It’s also a tool that activates the flow of energy. By practicing yoga you will repair energy holes in your aura and strengthen it. You will also raise your vibration and open yourself to the healing energy of love and compassion. If you don’t like yoga, you can sign up for tai chi classes, which have similar effects.

A sedentary lifestyle causes energy stagnation. Get moving! Dance, run, walk, sign up for your favorite sport. You will start the energy flow, but also improve your fitness and health.

7. The salutary power of fire

On a daily basis, we can use candles or a fire in the fireplace for this. However, it is worthwhile from time to time to have a bonfire in nature, of course, observing all safety rules. The very concentration of our attention on the flame calms and cleanses us. But we can deepen this technique by imagining placing our negative thoughts, feelings, situations in the fire. And if we have any objects associated with these experiences, we can burn them, literally.

8. Choose what is natural

Nowadays we need to learn to be conscious consumers. Everything you surround yourself with, everything you provide your body with has an effect on you. It can lower or raise your energy. Buy organic products, as little processed as possible, without chemical additives, limit your meat consumption and choose plants where animals suffer little. Limit your use of the television or computer. Choose natural cosmetics and materials like linen, wool, cotton. Bring harmony to your surroundings and get rid of objects from visible places that remind you of negative situations or stressful duties. Consciously choose the music you listen to and the messages you receive through social media, art, and books. All of this will help you maintain a clean, strong aura.

If you want to avoid mental attacks, energy hookups, low vibrations, poor mood and lack of energy – take care of your aura. React when you notice something bad happening to you. Allow yourself to consciously release your emotions and raise your vibration. This will make your life easier, you will also raise the overall vibration level of the Earth and spread beautiful, luminous energy around you.