Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Is the aura cleansing can help you get rid of stress?

People living in the old days, not faced with such a ubiquitous stress. There used to be less pressure for success. Even research shows that back in the 1980s, the family was the most important. People met more often, lived more harmoniously, which allowed them to maintain mental peace, and everyday life did not cause so many problems. There was no pressure to be successful at all costs, so there were far fewer mental illnesses, such as depression, for example. The fact is that the more we try to live a family life without chasing money at all costs, life becomes easier. It can be concluded that the 21st century is the age of stress, an increasing number of suicides and depression. People strive to achieve the highest possible position, they want to gain social prestige, at the same time fearing that they may fall off the pedestal at any moment. Several years ago, people were able to work in one company for several dozen years, today we cannot even be sure about a job, often several people are waiting for our job, waiting only for our stumble. Is it possible to live a stress-free life in such times? The answer is clear – NO. Even the toughest of people get stressed eventually. And it is stress that causes the greatest number of diseases. Stress destroys the immune system, and this is where more serious health problems begin. People at an early age become addicted, which leads to the destruction of the body. Worst of all, in this pursuit of a better life, virtually everyone forgets about the spiritual world. And it is a deeper look into our own interior, working on ourselves that can lead a person to a state of harmony, where our own happiness counts – we feel good with ourselves, not so much concerned about other people’s opinion. Esotericism is a field that has existed for centuries. It is a solution to many avoidable problems. If people devoted more time to spiritual development, their thinking would change and they would start to notice things that were previously strange. Spiritual development leads to increased empathy – empathy with the feelings of another person. Thanks to this, we begin to be perceived as people worth spending time with, we have more honest friends on whom we can count. And yet, to avoid many depressions, it would be enough to have one honest person with whom you can talk and confess what is bothering you.

How else can esotericism help us get rid of stress and make us harmonious?

It is worth starting with clearing the aura. If we feel bad, surely our invisible coating has dark colors, indicating problems, not only with stress, but with possible health problems. Aura cleansing is the first step towards normality. Of course, energy cleansing alone will not make our lives happy forever. We will feel much better at first, but if we forget about spiritual development and work on ourselves, the problem will come back. In general, cleansing is recommended to be done quite regularly, because it causes you to experience inner peace, at least for some time.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, despite the enormous opportunities offered to us today, we must be on our guard even more than in distant times. Back then, everyone had a role and just focused on fulfilling them. Today more and more people do not know what to do with their lives, and attempts to change it fail. I recommend spiritual development, taking care of your energy shell, meditation in order to be able to cope with these difficult, lonely times.