Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Power of aura quartz

How do you cleanse your aura and take care of constant energy? How to feel good and stay away from negative energies? How to raise your vibration and thus receive life at a higher frequency? All you need to do is learn about and stock up on Aura Quartz.

Aura quartz – what is it?

Aura quartz sparkles in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. This quartz is not exactly a natural stone. Among other gemstones, it is distinguished by shimmering colors – the so-called iridescence. This is a phenomenon that occurs due to the interference of white light on the surface of optically heterogeneous transparent and translucent stones. We have a similar effect with opals and labradots. Man-made coating of the top layer of the stone with metals (e.g. titanium, silver, copper, gold, niobium, iron, platinum) is responsible for iridescence. Aura quartz is formed by laboratory fusing of metals into the natural crystal. These are the only stones that, despite significant human influence, have magical properties.

There are several types of auric quartz:

Rainbow quartz – coated with titanium. It is at the same time the most popular of the Auric Quartzs. The surface of the stone resembles spilled gasoline.

Aqua Aura Quartz – aquamarine-colored quartz, which is formed by coating the quartz with 24 karat gold.

Sunset Aura Quartz – quartz coated with titanium, resulting in a yellow color.

Sunshine Aura Quartz – quartz coated with iron, resulting in an orange color.

Angel Quartz – transparent quartz with a soft bluish or yellowish glow. The quartz gets a rainbow effect with the help of silver and platinum (click on the photo below to go to our store, where you can buy this type of aura quartz).

Aura quartz is ideal for anyone who needs an energy recharge and who wants to cleanse their aura. It is ideal for meditation and for calming frazzled nerves, and should therefore be close to anyone with a stressful lifestyle and an inability to relax. This quartz increases enjoyment of life and allows one to see pleasures. It takes away anxiety, sadness and depression. It is ideal when recovering from difficult mental states, such as depressive states or nervous breakdowns. Indispensable for those recovering from trauma. Auric quartz is especially useful in autism, Asperger’s syndrome and nervous system disorders.


For esotericists, auric quartz is an interesting phenomenon – its color is a combination of nature and slight human interference, which we can metaphorically represent as a combination of two worlds: spiritual and material. On the other hand, it is a combination of quartz and precious metals, so a combination of the properties and power of both.

This stone helps to focus and achieve a state of relaxation – with its color it brings a state of equilibrium, and therefore affects our aura, and thus increases creative ability and supports spiritual development.

The Power of Quartz Aura

Aura quartz is a tool for aura cleansing. It stimulates and cleanses the energy of all chakras. To stimulate them, it is enough to hold the stone near the corresponding chakra. Under the influence of Quartz, our energy aligns – thanks to it, it begins to flow harmoniously through us. This stone helps to enter a higher level of meditation and connection with the Source. It makes it possible to transfer the soul to the abode of the Supreme Force. Legend has it that, thanks to it, we can communicate with Angels, access the book of Akasha, access higher knowledge, repent previous incarnations and find the mission of our soul in this incarnation. Angelic Quartz is used to balance the centers and meridians of the physical body, thus ensuring proper polarity. Correct polarity is essential to maintain health and mental balance. It is said to be a stone of change – it helps to understand the powers of intuition and mysticism. This quartz helps to listen to the call of your soul and transfer its desires to the material plane. Auric quartz is also suitable for regression work.

Care of the stone

We can clean the stone in a bowl of rice, salt or under running water. We can also scrub it or clean it over a candle flame. We can charge the auric quartz with intention or in the sunlight (exposure time: 20 to 40 minutes).