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Solar Plexus Chakra: 9 Ways to Heal the Shining Jewel

The solar plexus chakra in Sanskrit is called Manipura, or Shining Jewel. Learn proven ways to harmonize the third chakra and enjoy a life of harmony, fulfillment and abundance.

The solar plexus chakra, the third from below, is located between the navel and the base of the sternum. It is associated with the element of fire, the sense of sight, the color yellow, the planets Mercury and the Sun. It is symbolized by the lotus flower with ten petals. It is responsible for our vitality, intrinsic motivation, ease of realization of dreams, emotional balance, joy, abundance, sense of power.

Manifestations of disorders in the solar plexus chakra:

fear of new experiences and challenges;

lack of self-confidence;

lack of self-motivation;

inability to set goals and achieve them;

high levels of anxiety;

lack of emotional balance;

lack of harmony in life;

lack of abundance or earning money with difficulty;

low self-esteem;

lack of self-acceptance;

lack of energy to take action and make positive changes;

quick letting go and inability to complete goals to the end;

strong presence of the voice of the inner critic;

feelings of deprivation and an overly strong attachment to material things;

a sense of deserving very little;

problems in interpersonal relationships;

inability to form a satisfying relationship;

feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence in life;

impulsiveness and nervousness;

a tendency to complain;

desire for isolation;




desire for power;

lack of a sense of inner power, a fire of passion within oneself.

In physical health, disharmony of the solar plexus chakra can manifest in problems with the digestive system, especially the stomach, liver, pancreas, metabolism. Our thoughts related to our self-esteem and themes of power and control affect this chakra.

When your Shining Gem is harmonized and open, you enjoy fulfillment in your professional and private life. You are respected, liked and have a healthy sense of self-worth. You interact well with others and feel satisfaction with your social/family life. You demonstrate empathy, self-confidence and sensitivity. You are eager to set high goals and consistently achieve them. Your inner fire burns and allows you to realize yourself in different areas of life. You feel that you can handle any obstacle. You openly express your opinion while maintaining respect for the opinion of others. You feel a sense of abundance and abundance, you earn money easily and are not overly attached to material matters. You are able to enjoy life, realize your dreams and feel inner peace, harmony, satisfaction. The benefits listed are certainly worth it to work with this chakra!

How to work with the solar plexus chakra?

1. Solar color

Choose home accessories, clothes, candles, etc. in yellow. Whenever you can, expose your face to the Sun. Yellow food such as bananas, lemon, pomelo, apricots, yellow peppers, potatoes, corn will also have a beneficial effect.

2. Power of herbs and spices

Chamomile, juniper, fennel, lavender will have a beneficial effect. Of the spices, it is worth adding cinnamon more often.

3. Stones and crystals

You have a wide selection of gemstones and crystals to help you work with your solar plexus chakra. You can carry them with you, meditate with them, put them under your pillow before bed, or place them on your special meditation altar. Here’s a list of them: yellow citrine, amber, tiger’s eye, yellow calcite, yellow apatite, yellow jade, yellow chalcedony.

4. Sound and music therapy

Mantra the vowel O whenever you can. Make this a morning and evening ritual. A second option is to mantra the “Ram” sound, while visualizing the energy of the sun’s rays emanating from this chakra.

5. Precious essential oils

Stock up on a scented fireplace or essential oil diffuser and see which of these scents beneficial to the solar plexus chakra you like best: lemon, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, chamomile, anise, myrrh.

6. Being in nature

The fastest, cheapest and easiest way is to simply be in the sun! Take a walk in the woods, in the meadow, at the lake and enjoy moments of sunbathing.

7. Visualization and meditation

Start by visualizing something yellow – flowers, a field of grain, a sunny morning in summer. When you have more time, you can consciously breathe and visualize the light in golden yellow filling you from inside. Feel it fill you with lightness, warmth, joy and gratitude. Another way is the Sun meditation – sit outside facing the Sun and feel its precious sunlight flowing into you, filling you from the inside. Then imagine yourself radiating this sunlight outward.

8. Self-acceptance

Any exercise that helps you accept yourself will also help balance the third chakra. You can say positive phrases like “I love myself,” “I accept myself,” “I am beautiful/you,” “I deserve the best” to your reflection in the mirror every day.

9. Affirmations

Create positive affirmations related to abundance, self-love, fulfillment, satisfaction in relationships with others, enjoyment of life, dreams, motivation and achievement of goals.

Sample affirmations:

“I accept myself.”

“I have high self-esteem.”

“I deserve love and abundance. I deserve the best of everything.”

“I am worthy of love.”

“I have plenty of energy every day and achieve my goals with ease.”

“I earn money in a simple and enjoyable way.”

“My life is filled with abundance.”

“I trust life, life supports me, the Universe takes care of my needs.”

“The world is filled with abundance, material goods are enough for everyone.”

“Every day I wake up with a sense of gratitude and joy, every day is an adventure that I am curious about”.

“I have a sense of inner power. I can handle myself.”

“I make interpersonal contacts easily, people enjoy my company.”

“I am filled with an inner light that radiates outward.”

“I open myself to the flow of abundance.”