Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

The root chakra: 5 actions to help heal the root chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, between the anus and genitals. It has the lowest frequency of all chakras, and ties us to gravity and material existence. Its energy is directed toward the earth and corresponds with the crown chakra, which opens its cup toward the sky. Learn five easy and practical ways to transform and balance a weakened root chakra.

When the energy of the root chakra is not in harmony, it can cause many problems, such as:


fear of interacting with others

permanent insecurity

chronic stress

low self-esteem


lack of vital energy

Harmonizing the work of this chakra allows us to feel and comprehend the extreme importance of having a healthy and fit body. When it is open and its energy balanced, you feel grounded, connected to the world and the people in it, and confident that everything will be okay. This gives you the ability to embark on your journey to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Do the following:

Get rid of everything that no longer serves you

Start with the room where you spend most of your time. You should clean it thoroughly, removing all unnecessary things and junk, clean the dust and vacuum all the nooks and crannies. You should remember that the physical space and environment reflect your inner state. You can use the principles of Feng Shui to add energetic magic, and accelerate energy transformations to a higher level. In doing so, you should remove anything that does not reflect the person you are at the moment and the place you are about to go. This means getting rid of all things from the past that may have reflected you in the past, but are now just stopping your development.


Meditating for five minutes after waking up or before bed can be very beneficial. Sit down to meditate with a straight spine, which will facilitate the circulation of energy not only in the base chakra, but also in the other chakras.

Muladhara (the root chakra) is believed to be connected to the color red, so you should visualize a ball full of red light radiating under the tailbone and expanding outward. You can also imagine yourself sitting under a tree of some kind, drawing life-balancing spirit from it. You can also physically go into the forest to draw energy from the trees.

Be in constant motion

Moving your body is the key to maintaining a healthy root chakra. You can practice dance, martial arts or hatha yoga, as any kind of physical activity, will make you feel more grounded and happy. You can practice all of these at home. Hatha yoga is great for connecting body, breath and mind. Remember to pay more attention to your feelings on a physical level when stretching and holding postures.

Make better nutritional choices

How well you nourish your inner life, which includes the food you eat, will affect all the things that manifest in your outer reality. To strengthen your base chakra, eat plenty of foods that grow in the ground – such as root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets and turmeric – or foods full of plant-based proteins.

Take a journal, then answer the following questions:

“What is my reality at the moment and how do I see it?” – You should think about it in the context of your relationship, home, career, and health.

“What am I doing or what can I do now to meet my needs?”

“Who is the person who supports me the most, and how can I get even better support?”

“List five things you are grateful for because they provide a sense of inner security, support, and also stability.”