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10 ways to raise your vibration

Living at a frantic pace, being in places we don’t like or among people who are forever complaining and spoiling our mood is not conducive to keeping our vibration high. However, there are many simple techniques that will allow us to regain the joy of life and a sincere smile on our face. Nevertheless. Here are ten ways to raise your vibration.

Express gratitude

Despite difficult moments and moments of hesitation, there are many aspects in everyone’s life for which we have reason to be grateful. It’s worth realizing them and feeling with all our might how good we feel about them. From the fact that we have a roof over our heads, to the company of people we adore, as well as the presence in our lives of all the things that make us happy. Write out such a list for yourself and let gratitude flow straight from your heart, smiling broadly at every aspect that evokes gratitude in you. It is worth doing this exercise every day, make it part of your practice. Over time, you will begin to see that you can also give thanks for difficult experiences or failures, as they allow you to grow.

Surround yourself with beauty

Find yourself in an environment that you find beautiful and inspiring – it could be going to a museum or park, buying a bouquet of flowers for your home and putting them in a place where you frequent, turning on music that energizes or moves you with its artistry. Allow yourself to delight in it as deeply as you can!


Immediately raising your vibration will make you laugh. It’s up to you to choose what aesthetics make you laugh the fastest. This way of raising your vibration is contagious, so don’t be afraid to positively influence the humor of others. Such action will come back to you multiplied by the effect.

Start your own catalog with things that inspire you

These can be quotes that inspire you, photos of places you find beautiful, perhaps some music or short videos. Avoid fixing memories there – after all, you want to be happy in the Here and Now, not delving into the past, right?

Spend time outside

Turning to Mother Nature and seeing how harmoniously constructed this world is will very easily put a smile on your face. Go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, soak up every ray of sunshine. Most of the year you can also sit under a tree, watch flowers or animal behavior. Listening to the sounds of Nature – raindrops gently hitting the leaves or the sound of waves – is also soothing. You are part of this natural world. So feel how truly delightful it is.

Be physically active

Getting your body into motion turns on hormonal processes that make us feel better. Dance, run, play sports or explore martial arts – find an activity that interests you and commit to developing yourself in that area. A big dose of endorphins guaranteed!

Stop harboring resentments and fueling yourself with them

Consider whether being chronically angry and unhappy for some reason is something worth your time and attention. Anger is a weapon with which you hurt yourself first and foremost. Give yourself the opportunity to forgive and understand. Then your thoughts will gain lightness.

Meditate, be present in the Here and Now

Calming down, noticing your feelings and yourself in everything that happens is a very important step to healing your vibration and living in harmony with yourself. Give yourself a space where you can relax and just be. At first, it may only be a few minutes. It may feel difficult at first, this is normal. Over time, meditation will become a beautiful and healthy habit.

Make sure your body is happy

Maybe you’re drinking too little water, neglecting physical activity, or your not-so-thoughtful diet is causing your body to have to vie for attention through various ailments? Or perhaps in the rush of daily life you allow yourself to be bombarded with stress? In a healthy body a healthy spirit! It will be difficult to grow effectively spiritually and mentally when you neglect an equally integral part of your existence – your body. Take care of yourself, nourish the cells of your body, feel sincere love for yourself (the body badly needs this vibration) and see how beautifully it repays your attention.

Do something nice for someone else

Even a small gesture – giving out a smile, helping with some perhaps small activity, or giving up your seat on the bus is a great way to do something good. Don’t expect gratitude, don’t expect something in return – energy loves balance, so such action always comes back multiplied by the effect. And isn’t it a wonderful idea that we make someone’s day at least a little bit better?

And finally, an asterisk task: find your own way to raise your vibration quickly. Maybe a favorite short video that always brings a bright smile to your face? Or a single phrase that always gets you back on track? Find your own way, the moment when you remind yourself that it’s not worth getting stuck in an understatement for too long.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that it’s not a good idea to ignore your feelings and emotions that put you in a low vibration. Exploring and accepting your shadow pole is also very important. However, it is up to you to choose from which side you will approach the shaping of your reality.