Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

How can your aura treatment help with depression?

I don’t think you need to convince anyone that depression is a scourge of our times. We live in a hurry, uncertainty, the media teaches us how to live, although in most cases they just lie. Let’s go back a bit, to times before centuries. Was depression as common as it is now? Of course not. Despite the fact that there were not so many goods available, most people lived barely making ends meet. So what is depression caused by? As I wrote before, the media plays a large role. By promoting a hedonistic life, showing the most handsome men and women with perfect figures, they contribute to the obsession of many people with appearance. However, when the average woman fails to achieve the model’s dimensions, she falls down emotionally and feels bad internally, despite the fact that she has often made significant progress in her appearance. And you have to remember that people appearing on television, before they go out to see a vision, undergo a series of treatments in order to look better than they really are. However, this argument does not reach those who are already obsessed with it. Another factor is the constant uncertainty of life, we can be fired from work at any moment, leaving us with a loan that we have nothing to pay for, which can be a real drama leading to this disease, as well as all kinds of addictions, which in consequence also lead to mental disorders. We live in strange times where people’s roles are not clearly defined, we cannot count on stabilization, and even the strongest individuals may not cope and become victims of depression. The paradox of this situation is that some people discover that the blind pursuit of materialism does not bring long-term happiness and, seeking help and understanding of the world, flee towards spirituality. Of course, this is only the beginning of this process, but looking in which direction the world is going, it seems to me that there will be more and more people who are curious about the world, putting spiritual development over material development.

Can you overcome depression with gaps in the aura?

Personally, I recommend that you check the condition of your aura, you can do it on my website, providing only your name and date of birth. Depressed people usually have a darker color of their aura, sometimes their aura is in a tragic state. Do not worry about it, after several sessions of cleansing the aura, it will return to its natural colors and you will feel better. This will be the first step to get straight and start a happy life. After that, you should take care of yourself, which will be relatively easier, because after cleansing you will have more vitality. Depressed people can create a huge problem with insignificant detail, which only aggravates their condition. By being energetically clean, it will be easier for you to distance yourself from many things.