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Natural talismans straight from Mother Earth

Green magic is a natural protection and boon from Mother Earth. It is a natural energy and power, however, not perceptible to everyone. In the past, shamans, shamans and witches commonly used the power of Nature. How about refreshing this forgotten knowledge and using the power of Mother Earth available to us?

There are so-called places of power in the world, where we feel completely different when we are there. Examples of such places in Poland are Lysa Gora, or Mount Sleza. According to legends, Mount Sleza is a remnant of the war between Angels and Devils, which blocked the gates to the world of evil powers. Staying in such places, we feel more calm, recharge our batteries, open to the Power of Nature and the flow of love. By meditating on the issues that are important to us, we can more quickly discover the answers there. If only, of course, we can sincerely open our hearts to this and be sensitive to Nature. In addition to Places of Power, there is also a whole arsenal of hidden power of plants, fruits and vegetables. They can help with many things, you just need to know what, what power!

Pine – a strengthening tree

The beneficial power of trees has been known for thousands of years. However, the greatest power is enjoyed by the pine tree. Pine raises your chi energy, nourishes your blood, strengthens your nervous system and nourishes your spirit. You can simply choose a pine tree somewhere in the forest with which you feel a connection. And come there for meditation, sit under it in the lotus position. Another way is to sit on a chair next to it, embrace the tree with your hands, and have your legs placed on the ground and straight, by the roots. It is important to come to your chosen tree regularly and spend a minimum of 30 minutes with it. Gradually then you will build a relationship with the tree and start the healing process.

In addition, a handful of pine needles scattered around your bed will help protect the room from bad energy and keep you from getting sick.

Natural ways to sleep

Although it may seem crazy, a lettuce leaf placed on your forehead, in the area of the third eye, makes it easier to fall asleep. Every self-respecting witch knows this! What else will make it easier for you to fall asleep? Of course, dried lavender, placed under the pillow. You can also drink an infusion of lavender before bedtime. If you want an even bigger blend of calming herbs, you can also add hops and chamomile.

Plants for your home

What’s worth keeping in a pot on the windowsill and by the front door? Basil! This plant will attract abundance, blessings, the Sun’s energy and love to your home. It is also worth keeping lilac in the house. In the spring, when nature serves us an extraordinary amount of these beautiful plants outside, let’s collect them and keep them in every room of the house. This will protect us from bad energy and uninvited spirits. As soon as they start to wilt, replace the flowers with new ones. And rest assured, your house will be cleansed.

Of course, every now and then it is also a good idea to burn sage in each room and cleanse it of negative energy and uninvited guests. One of the strongest charms of green magic is the power of oranges. It is worth placing an orange peel by the door and windows, in order to invite the energy of the Sun. This will also attract health, happiness and abundance to the house.