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How can we recognize that we are under the influence of a spell?

Spells in magic are used to attract love, money and luck. They are also used to get rid of unwanted situations from one’s life. However, there are some people who use magic to get rid of enemies or maliciously harm others.

How to know that someone has cast a bad spell on us?

The signs that someone has cast a spell on us vary from person to person. Some people may experience mild symptoms, such as feeling tired or weak all the time, while others are plagued by more serious effects, such as coughing or vomiting blood.

If you suspect someone has cast an evil spell on you here are some of the signs to look out for:

– You feel tired all the time, even after a long sleep;

– You have abdominal pains that get worse after eating food;

– You have nightmares at night;

– You argue with people around you, even though you had a good relationship before.

What can you do in such a situation? Can you help yourself and try to lift the spell yourself?

Three simple yet effective spells to remove bad energies

There are various ways to take off a spell on yourself. Of course, those who deal with this professionally have special methods and techniques, but this does not at all mean that as a layman you are powerless in this matter. You can use the following methods even if you only have some suspicion that you are struggling with an evil spell.

Here are effective ways to remove bad spells:

Grounding, regain the ground under your feet

Bad spells affect us more strongly when we are in worse shape, whether mentally or physically. Then it’s easier for us to be harmed, as our resistance to attacks on various levels decreases. For this reason, it is always a good idea to be well grounded. When grounded, our respiratory and circulatory systems work better, and stress hormone levels also drop.

How to ground yourself quickly and effectively?

Ideally, you should be by a river or in a park, but if you’re indoors of some kind, it’s okay. Sit comfortably, take off your shoes and socks. Let your feet touch the ground. Close your eyes and take a breath in, then slowly let the air out. On the inhale, imagine pure, bright energy flowing from within you will change through your feet into your body. On the exhale, give back to the earth all that does not serve you. Repeat deep inhalations and exhalations several times, feel the lightness!

Powerful visualization, move your power

Visualization is a powerful tool. It is the process of creating a mental image in your mind and holding that image for at least a few moments. Visualization is something you can do anytime and anywhere, even while driving or working.

There are many ways to use this technique, and it is very good for cleansing your own aura of charms. To do this, close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by white light. This light represents purity and protection from harm. Then imagine that you are holding a burning torch in your hand, which represents the energy and power with which you can create anything you want in life. This fire will now also burn away negative thoughts, feelings and spells that have been directed toward you. Hold this image in your imaginations for a few moments, then open your eyes and return to your daily routine. You should immediately feel more empowered!

Magic circle, protect your space

Magic cleansing circles are a great way to expel negative energy, cleanse your home and, of course, shake off bad spells! It’s a foolproof way to create a space for the flow of positive energy to combat any bad spell.

Although you can create a magic circle using any kind of sacred objects or herbs, the most common aids used for this purpose are salt, water and sage.

To create a magical cleansing circle using salt, leave your house and go around your abode, sprinkling salt with the intention of cleansing your space and expelling all evil. If this is not feasible because you live in an apartment, you can simply sprinkle a pinch of salt in each corner in all its rooms with the same intention.