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The importance of numerology in your life

Numbers accompany us all our lives. It is numerology that logically explains the character, talents, abilities or predispositions of each person. And if you are planning to start a business, a properly composed name will help you achieve greater success. Numbers will also help you choose the ideal profession, as you will discover the predisposition for it. You will see new perspectives and the right time to make changes. You will make decisions consciously and feel that you are on the right path. Learn the numbers that change lives. Here are the simple meanings behind your numbers. Each number has a unique vibration and brings a different element to your life.

Meaning of individual numbers

1 – Independence, leadership, beginnings – ones are enterprising, active and courageous people. However, they can also be selfish and overly determined.

2 – Cooperation, harmony, emotion – twos are peacemakers and sensitive souls who enjoy a balanced life.

3 – Expression, creativity, communication – threes are gifted with imagination and inspiration and often lead creative, artistic lives.

4 – Hard work, process, stability – fours are disciplined, trustworthy workers.

5 – Change, freedom, experience – fives are regulars; they adapt easily and are worldly.

6 – Love, responsibility, service – sixes are guardians and protectors and are most often healers or teachers.

7 – Contemplation, wisdom, metaphysics – this is the number of spiritual seekers; they seek knowledge, answers and experiences.

8 – Power, money, business – Eights are the number of success; they are great judges of character and have survival skills, making them great leaders in business or politics.

9 – Humanitarian person, transformation, endings – nines are lovers of the world; they are caring, nurturing and kind.

Meaning of master numbers

11 – Inspiration, intuition, awareness – elevens are most often associated with physics, clairvoyance or prediction.

22 – Ambition, discipline, strength – twentysomethings manifest, act and believe.

33 – Teacher, humanitarian and provider – thirty-threes are influential people, combining the qualities of the master numbers 11 and 22.

Your life path number

Your life path number is calculated from your date of birth and is a key to your personality, as well as to the lessons, challenges and opportunities you may get during your life. For example, the Dalai Lama’s life path is 22, which indicates spiritual leadership, and Gandhi’s life path is 9, which indicates humanitarianism.

To get started, first write down your date of birth. I have written mine down below as an example. Then add all the digits as we did above with our name. If you came up with a double number, add the digits. The exception again will be the master numbers, which we do not add, namely 11, 22 and 33.

2 + 7 (day) + 3 (month) +1 + 9 + 8 + 6 (year) = 36

3 + 6 = 9

1 – Hardworking, natural leaders, strong desire to be number one – thanks to your determination and motivation, you will not let anything stand in your way of achieving your goal. The best career path will be one where you are your own boss.

2 – Harmony, calmness, cooperation, natural peacemaker – you will be an excellent diplomat or advisor, you will find pleasure in creative endeavors, music, art, and even gardening and farming.

3 – High level of creativity and self-expression – you communicate well, which means you can become a poet, actor, writer, artist or musician. In fact, many writers, radio presenters, actors, singers, stage artists and consultants have this number of life path.

4 – Busy bees of society – determined, hardworking and practical. Their careers are in construction, law, mechanics, engineering or accounting.

5 – Adventurers, they seek change and variety in life – you can do something as spectacular as being a photographer for National Geographic, or as simple as being a steward or flight attendant. Whatever you choose, make sure you have flexibility and flavor in your professional life.

6 – Unusual breadwinners of any gender – choose a career that rewards your responsibility. A managerial position is much better for you than an employee. If that means more education, get it. Be proud of yourself for being competent and determined!

7 – Intellectual, analytical, intuitive, secretive and thinker – the seven represents spiritual focus, analysis, being original and independent. If this is your number, people often feel as if they don’t know you; you’re mysterious and some may see you as eccentric – but that doesn’t worry you too much. You know you’re great.

8 – You crave financial security; you are ambitious and goal-oriented. You are a natural manager and will prove yourself in business or politics. You have a need for success and a strong desire to have your accomplishments recognized; you will also be great as a counselor, historian and history teacher. Move over, Indiana Jones!

9 – Nines are humanitarians, to all intents and purposes. You often feel unloved or abandoned in some way, and thus responsible for making others happy, and solving problems or healing others. A beneficial career for you is giving something back – helping or healing people will bring you fulfillment.

11 – You are sensitive, understanding and intuitive. You may not be a leader, but you are a visionary and a very talented person. Your ability to analyze situations quickly and accurately is a great advantage in the business world. It is likely that to your friends you are the guru of all advice.

22 – Those with the life path number 22 have great spiritual understanding and the ability to apply knowledge in a practical way and achieve great success. You are here to teach others.

33 – This number is the Master Teacher. You focus on reaching the world and increasing the loving energy of the human race.