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Do gemstones have a positive effect?

There are female and male stones; men should choose female stones and women should choose male stones. Male stones are crystals and dark-colored stones. Female ones, on the other hand, are light-colored.

Effects of gemstones

Calcite aids digestion, ensures healthy bone development, promotes skin and bone healing, and enhances self-healing processes. The stone can also be used to increase self-confidence, get rid of nightmares and the influence of the moon (sleepwalking), and relieve headaches. Calcite should be taken in the left hand and held firmly for twenty minutes. It can also be placed under a pillow.

Jadeite this stone stimulates the proper functioning of the kidneys, increases responsiveness and brings balance. When we are tired, this stone helps to become more active. It brings peace after a period of exhaustion and helps understand dreams, bestows wisdom and works well for migraine and flu.

Rutile quartz is a stone of help. This is because it brings first aid in bronchitis, stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, calms and protects sleep. This stone effectively helps with asthma, coughing and phlegm production. It is a stone of hope, of new visions. Rutile quartz is also a very powerful stone that brings calmness during exams; thus, it can be used if one is afraid of them.

Red aventurine helps with allergies, impure complexion and hair loss. In eye diseases it has a relieving effect. Besides, it supports gentleness of spirit, bringing inner peace and composure.

Copper promotes creativity and protects against false friends. It helps in making difficult life decisions. It is good for anyone who has difficulty finding the golden mean and feeling content. Copper is suitable when we feel anxious and do not follow our needs. It is responsible for sensuality, seduction and the ability to fit in.

Mother of pearl brings with it a lot of light. It symbolizes lightness, laughter and attention. It soothes soreness and muscle spasms. It can relieve pain, helps with fatigue, cures rheumatic diseases, boosts self-esteem, self-confidence and relieves stress before exams. Mother of pearl is also great for meditation and for anyone under stress.

Heliotrope is a blood purifying stone that affects the heart and circulatory system. It bestows protection against the effects of magic, brings balance and a sense of security.

Labradorite shines in the sun with the colors of the rainbow; it is a limestone spath related to the moonstone. It helps to release feelings and relax, get rid of aggression, as well as cure rheumatism. For people who need relaxation, this stone is a suitable choice. Besides, it brings back memories from the subconscious and removes traumas. It can do real wonders in treating long-term diseases such as cancer, activates the thymus gland and has a soothing effect on gout; this stone can be used in working on all chakras.

Aragonite, native to Morocco, is increasingly popular; it is suitable for strengthening the immune and digestive systems and counteracting fatigue; it is also used for anxiety and internal tension.

Agate, dyed agate is used for protection during pregnancy and hereditary skin diseases. Burnished, single-color agate is a real hit. This stone is indispensable for pain in the patellar (knee) area and depressive conditions. It should be taken in the palm of the hand or put in water and then drink it.

Aventurine has the form of an obelisk and symbolizes freedom. The shape of the slender pole illustrates strength, compactness and power. With the help of aventurine it is possible to open the third eye and remove negative energies, it is a skin stone; there are aventurine massages, and there is even a hotel with this name in Germany.