Love Spells

Selection of candle colors for rituals

The main criterion for choosing the color of candles by sorcerers is the type of ritual being performed. Most often, sorcerers choose the color of the candle, matching the shade to the type of ritual that is about to be performed. Once again, it is worth noting that this is not necessary, as the color is only intended to help the performer of the ritual to program the power in the right way. When proceeding with magic involving candles, choose a candle of the appropriate color. If you can’t find one or don’t have one, you can use a white universal candle instead.

What colors of candles for rituals

Red: preservation of good health, body strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection and protective magic. It is the color of the element of fire. Throughout the world, this color is identified with life and death, as it is the color of blood that spills during birth: injury.

Pink: love, friendship, compassion, relaxation. Pink candles can be burned during rituals arranged to strengthen self-love. They are ideal for weddings, as well as in all kinds of emotional relationship rituals.

Orange: attraction, energy. Burn these candles to attract specific influences or things.

Yellow: intellect, confidence, divination, communication, eloquence, travel, movement. Yellow is the color of the element of air. Burn yellow candles during rituals designed to awaken your visualization skills. Before you begin any form of study, use a yellow candle to stimulate your conscious mind. Light the candle. Let it burn while you study.

Green: money, financial success, employment, fertility, healing, growth. Green is the color of the earth. It’s also the color of her fertility, as it resembles a shade of flesh green. Burn it when you are looking for a job or would like a raise.

Blue: healing, peace, psyche, patience, happiness. Blue is the color of the water component. It is also the realm of the ocean, and water in general, the realm of sleep and eclipse. If you have trouble sleeping, with the help of visualization, charge a small blue candle with a vision of yourself sleeping through the night. A few moments before bedtime, light the candle, then extinguish the flame. Blue candles can be filled with power.

Violet: power, healing of serious illnesses, spirituality, meditation, religion. Violet candles can be burned to enhance any spiritual tasks, to enhance your personal power, and as part of an intense healing ritual in conjunction with blue candles.

White: protection, purification, other purposes. White includes all colors. It is connected to the moon. White candles are burned especially during purification and protection rituals. If you choose one candle to have on hand for magical purposes, choose a white one. Before using it, fill it with personal power and it will serve all good purposes.

Black: chasing away and absorbing evil. Black is the absence of color. In magic, it is also the representative of outer space. Despite what you may have heard about them, black candles are burned with positive intentions, such as chasing away pernicious energies, or to absorb diseases or troublesome addictions.

Brown: candles of this color are burned during rituals involving animals, usually along with candles of other colors. Brown and red candle for animal protection, brown and blue for healing, etc.

Candles, of course, are filled with our personal power before burning. Store them in a flat, cool place. You can use all shapes of candles for love magical rituals: regular columns, votive, conical, as well as so-called seven-day candles, in tall glass containers. Most magic practitioners I know use matches rather than lighters to light candles, because they are aware that starting a magic ritual with an object made of plastic somehow deprives it of its magic.


You can use different types of candles, but it is a good idea to carry several candles of the same design, as rituals often require the use of more than one candle. Of course, do not use candlesticks made of wood, as they can easily catch fire.

Extinguishing candles

It goes without saying that you can extinguish the burning wick of a candle before it burns out completely. In fact, it is imprudent to leave burning candles unchecked for long periods of time. Here is the way I think we should extinguish candles (which, by the way, will have to be lit again after a while): Soak the thumb and forefinger of the right hand in saliva and squeeze the burning wick with a quick flick of the hand, saying these or similar words:

“Though you are extinguished in this world,

you will survive in the astral world.”

How to prevent fires when burning candles

Here are some proven ways to leave a candle burning while you are away (the idea is to prevent accidental fires).

Place both the candle and candle holder in a large metal pot (such as a boiler).

Burn the candle in a bathtub (a method practiced by many natural magic practitioners).

Burn “seven-day” candles, placed in glass jars.

Burn candles in a home fireplace.

In general, candles should not be used for rituals taking place outside the home, and never in the forest.