Love Spells

How to attract Love? The law of attracting a partner in 6 simple steps

Love comes to us when we ourselves are love. Love – just like the rest of the universe, is subject to the Law of Attraction. In turn, the Law of Attraction says that we attract that which is on the same frequency we vibrate on. So if your assumptions about your relationship and your relationship with your partner revolve around unhealthy, hurtful and hurtful conclusions, it’s a sign that you’re thinking about love in the wrong way – you’re not love, because if you were, love would have already come to you. So how do we attract love?

We attract people who vibrate at a similar level to ours. Our auras meet and we know we want to get to know this person, spend more time with him or her, and maybe we know from the get-go that we want to start a family. If you are true to your thinking, you are entitled to one partner – you get one person who hides under the guise of different people. Haven’t your relationships so far been surprisingly similar? Perhaps you’ve ended up with “crazies”, perhaps you’ve ended up with just assholes. Well, welcome to reality – we attract such partners to ourselves. There is no way to create a relationship that will be something other than our own relationship with ourselves.

However, when we change our thinking, miracles happen. To apply the Law of Attraction to the issue of interpersonal relationships, we only need to follow a few simple steps.

Note number one – in theory the instruction is simple, but in practice it will cost you some time and self-denial. It is definitely easier to apply it when the search for a partner is not the focal point in your mind – if you are not screwing around looking for love, it is much easier to tune into the right frequency. In a state of feeling lacking, the Law of Attraction also works – it just gives you more of a sense of lack.

Note number two – we don’t attract a specific person. We attract a specific relationship. We do not have the right to influence the decisions of others (free will), so we have a duty to respect its independence.

Step one – come to terms with the past

The Law of Attraction always works, regardless of whether you use it or tolerate it. It just is, just like the law of gravity. Going by this, your past and the interpersonal relationships that have occurred in your life so far are simply a reflection of what you had/had inside at the time. You attract people who are compatible for the moment. If you change your vibration, you are no longer compatible. Accept this, acknowledge it, and simply make sure you sort yourself out in your head in terms of interpersonal relationships.

Step two – you need to know what you want

In the Law of Attraction, intentions play a major role. It’s hard to attract something that we don’t know what it looks like/how it smells/how it works. Therefore, when we want to attract a partner, we need to know WHAT we want him/her to be like. We don’t attract a specific person – we create a list in our mind of the qualities and behaviors we want to find in our partner. To make it easier, we can put on a thin notebook and describe our dream partner or partner for some time. However, it is worth giving ourselves a time limit – a few days – up to a week. Making a male decision about who we want in our lives is insanely important. The intention must be well-defined, without hesitation or question marks. Otherwise the Universe goes crazy because the order was not placed correctly.

Step three – allow yourself to love

Contrary to popular belief, the subconscious doesn’t need to go through a long process at all to change something. It’s a matter of a decision, one “click” in the mind. So opening up to love is not many weeks of meditation, it’s simply making a firm, irrevocable decision. I open myself to love – and that’s it. It is very possible that before you can in good conscience open to love, you will have to work through the programs that are in your head: what is a relationship to you? What does the relationship with your partner look like in your world? What kind of relationship did your parents form? You only need to look at your answers to know how far the subconscious mind’s conviction is from what you want now. And it’s already your head to eliminate this distance.

Step four – tuning in

You need to tune into your partner. It’s likely that the person you want doesn’t fit into your life at this point. And that’s totally fine – you just need to know that you have some work ahead of you to become the person who will be the right partner for this or that dream person. Create a life that is compatible with the life of the person you want. Ask yourself, what can you do to jump up in frequency? Rest assured that if you don’t have an idea, once you have passed the previous points, the Universe itself will guide you towards events that will make you vibrationally compatible with what you desire. Your task, then, is not to get in the way and let yourself be guided.

Step five – love yourself

Step four is bound to take a while, so instead of sitting and looking out (which will only extend the Universe’s time) focus on yourself. If you create so-called excess potential, the Universe will lead you down such a winding road until you finally balance your needs. Create a person you will be proud of. Love yourself – with self-love, it will be easier for you to create a healthy relationship with another person. When you’re not looking for a patch for your wounds or to fill your gaps, you can live a wonderful, fulfilled and happy life alongside a person who is also happy and fulfilled. Emotional maturity and a sense of your own mission in life is something that helps you create and persevere in a happy relationship with another person. Don’t skip this point, because its realization raises your vibration and accelerates the work of the Universe.

Step six – trust life

When you have completed the previous steps or are in the middle of point five – trust life. You need to believe that your subconscious is doing everything to bring you to your goal. You need to know that the Law of Attraction is working – you are waiting for your order, that’s all. No doubts, no mood swings, no depressive states and no feeling of lack. You are in the process of attracting your love, you are in the process of creating yourself and your life to be compatible with the man or woman you want in your life.