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Natural ways to love

The apple is an attribute of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, for good reason. To ensure a fruitful and long-lasting relationship, cut an apple in half. Then give one half to your beloved, and keep the other half to eat for yourself. Also remember to save the seeds of the apple to burn later, and use the ashes to fertilize the soil.

What else has natural power? Walnuts. They are worth consuming regularly. In the past, the Greeks and Romans sprinkled them on newlyweds to ensure fertility and a happy marriage. In addition, of course, you can enjoy the abundance of spices that ignite the love fire: cinnamon, chilies and cocoa beans.

Something for those lost in life

If you don’t know which path to take and feel lost or are looking for enlightenment in life – reach for almonds. Carry a few pieces of almonds in your wallet, with you, and see what the results will be. Reportedly, enlightenment or what you are looking for will move in your direction and you will soon receive it.

Shamanic properties of wool

Wool resembles clouds in its appearance and thus has been used for centuries to attract clouds and rain. If you are fed up with the drought, reach for wool to summon salutary rain for your area.

Strengthen the power of your intentions

Rootwort will help speed up the process of making wishes come true. It can also attract love or abundance and healing. Simply burn rootwort on a piece of charcoal, focusing on your wish and meditating on it during the burning process. You risk nothing, and you may gain good luck with your intentions. Sugar has the same power. When you are sure that you desire something and want it in your life, you can burn sugar on the coals. While doing so, visualize exactly what you want. Be very detailed and careful when visualizing.