Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Aura cleansing reviews – all the important

The possibilities of what you can see by looking at someone’s aura are endless. Learning to read and protect your own aura can be important for your physical, emotional and spiritual health. You don’t have to be a mystic to read an aura. In fact, it’s widely believed that we all have auras (the ability to read auras) and could easily see them when we were children. Read the following steps to reawaken your ability to see auras.

Clearly define

Although, in general, auras are considered characteristic atmospheres surrounding a person, you must realize that auras are more specific. Some believe they consist of vibrations – electrophotonic vibrations that are generated in response to some kind of external excitation. The key to auras is that they contain information about the essence of the person or object they surround.

Understand the science

Auras around people are composed in part of electromagnetic (EM) radiation, which includes microwave and infrared (IR) radiation at the low-frequency end to UV light at the high-frequency end. UV light is more related to our conscious activity (thinking, creativity, intentions, moods and emotions) and is the part that can be seen with the naked eye. The electromagnetic energies of the aura surround the body in an oval-shaped field. This “aura egg” emits from the body about 0.6-0.9 meters on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.

Learn the levels.

The aura consists of seven levels (also called layers or auric bodies), which correspond to the seven chakras in the body. Each level has its own unique frequency, but it also relates to and affects other levels around it. Consequently, if one level is imbalanced, it can lead to imbalance at other levels as well.

Physical level. At this level you need simple physical comfort, pleasure and health.

Ethereal level. At this level you need self-acceptance and self-love.

Life level. At this level you want to understand situations in a clear, linear, rational way.

Astral level. At this level you are looking for loving interaction with friends and family.

Lower mental level. At this level you need alignment with your divine will and a commitment to speaking and following the truth.

Higher mental level. At this level you need to have divine love and spiritual ecstasy.

Spiritual (intuitive) level. At this level you need a connection to the divine mind and an understanding of the greater universal pattern.

Come to appreciate the benefits of seeing auras. Learning to see someone’s aura can tell you a lot about that person and their character. Learning to see your own aura can inspire you to make changes that will improve the signals you emit.

Find the liar. Auras cannot be faked. If someone is being dishonest with you, you will be able to spot it when you “listen” to their thoughts through their aura.

Get clues about someone’s nature. A bright, clear aura indicates that the person is good and spiritually advanced. A gray or dark aura reveals that someone has unclear intentions. Someone who presents themselves as a spiritual teacher, master, guru or other spiritual leader or guide should have a clearly marked yellow-gold halo around their head.

Diagnose diseases. Reading the aura can allow you to detect a problem in the body before any physical symptoms appear.

Increase personal development. Reading auras can raise your consciousness, help you develop spiritually, and enhance your awareness of the natural world.

Learn about the colors of auras and their meanings. Auras come in a wide range of colors that convey a message about the person or object they surround. Although there are many variations, each with a specific message, these are the basic colors.

Red. Red relates to the heart, circulation and physical body. Viewed in a positive light, it can indicate a healthy ego; on the other hand, it can speak to anger, anxiety or an unforgiving nature.

Orange. Orange relates to the reproductive organs and emotions. Viewed positively, it indicates energy and stamina, creativity, productivity, boldness, courage or sociability. Viewed negatively, it can speak of current stress related to appetites and addictions

Yellow. Yellow refers to the spleen and vital energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and collective action, creativity, fun, optimism and carefree nature. However, bright yellow can indicate fear of losing control, prestige, respect or power.

Green. Green relates to the heart and lungs. When seen in the aura, it usually represents growth and balance, and above all, something that leads to change. It speaks to love for people, animals and nature. A dark or muddy forest green aura indicates jealousy, resentment, a sense of victimhood, insecurity and low self-esteem.

Blue. Blue is associated with the throat and thyroid. Its positive associations include a caring, loving nature, intuition and sensitivity. Dark shades of blue indicate fear of the future, self-expression or facing the truth or telling the truth.

Violet. Violet relates to the crown, pineal gland and nervous system. It is considered the most sensitive and wisest of colors. It is the intuitive color of the aura and reveals the psychic power of self-empowerment

Silver. Silver is the color of spiritual and physical abundance.

Gold. Gold indicates enlightenment and divine protection. A person with a golden aura is guided by his or her highest good.

Black. Black attracts or draws energy to it and transforms it. Usually indicates a long-term inability to forgive or not release regrets and can lead to health problems.

White. White is a pure state of light and represents purity and truth. It can mean that angels are nearby or that a woman is or will soon be pregnant.