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The power of minerals and gemstones

The power of precious and ornamental stones has been appreciated for centuries. The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, but also many other nations reaped the benefits that the mineral was able to bestow on man. For centuries, stones have fascinated not only average people, but also sorcerers and magicians.

After a period of skepticism, departure from datura, and denial of the achievements and knowledge of the ancestors, the confirmed effect of the vibrations of stones began to be appreciated again. What’s more, biophysics has nowadays proved the healing effects of gemstones and their special, simply unbelievable radiating power.

As early as 4,500 years ago, an Egyptian physician Imhotep used minerals in his medical practice, and 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates recommended that sick people wear talismans made of stones. A certain Indian maharaja, whose stone pharmacy was full of powders made from the highest quality gemstones, such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds, was also known for his vast collection of stones. For in India, preserving health was of the highest value.

What is the power of stones?

Each stone can be compared to a small “radio station”, which – tuned to a special “wave”, can receive certain vibrations sent by the planets. Many books have been written about the mystical, magical and healing properties of stones. They have their own aura, field, which resonate with their own proper vibration. The ones that have the strongest effect are raw stones, affecting the psyche – transparent, while opaque stones affect the physical body.

How to choose a stone for yourself?

There are many ways. If we have the right knowledge, we will know that, for example, blue chalcedony will help us with a sore throat, and with anemia – we will soak raw hematite in milk, and so on. When we do not have such knowledge it is worth following … our intuition. We choose the mineral that we like, that first attracts our attention. This is because stones work on the principle of filling a shortage of energy or drawing off its excess. Our body will direct itself towards what it needs.

What next?

Once we are in possession of a crystal or mineral, the basic thing we should do is to purify it before we start using it. In what way? When we are dealing with quartzes like rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, smoky quartz, it is worth making a solution of water and salt to purify it. Pour two tablespoons of salt per glass of water and place the stone in such a solution overnight, taking it out in the morning and rinsing it under running water. When cleaning pearls, we use water with salt and a little love of milk. In addition, we can also clean all stones by laying them on an amethyst brush. Admittedly, it discharges and cleanses on its own, but it is also worth pouring a generous stream of water over it once a month (pointing the brush crystals downward) for about two minutes.

After cleansing the stones, they should be properly charged with energy. On solar energy – Yang, which is a masculine, dry and hot energy, we primarily charge bright and colored stones (such as agates, chrysoprase, rubies, etc.). We simply expose them to sunlight, for example, placing them on the window. Lunar energy – Yin, feminine, moist, favors charging dark stones (e.g. Smoky Carce, obsidian, garnets). The only exceptions are moonstones and black pearls. There are also stones that are best loaded during a storm, these are topazes and diamonds.

Let’s also not let our stones languish in boxes or caskets. Let’s treat them as best friends, enjoy their company, and they will return the favor by helping us in many ways.