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Ways to use herbs in magic

Our kitchen can be used for more than just preparing tasty dishes. You can use many of the ingredients of everyday dishes for rituals and spells that will ensure love, luck, prosperity and protection. From our article you will learn how to use edible herbs in magic and which ones are best suited for this.

How to use herbs in magic?

There are many ways to use herbs in magic. Here are some ideas.

You can make powerful amulets out of herbs. Carry a stem of one or more different ones to continually send your intention to the universe.

Scatter crushed herbs around the house or keep them in sachets. Mixed with unscented talc or corn flour, they make a very good body powder. (Note: if you have sensitive skin or are allergic, test the powder on a small area of skin before using it on a larger area of the body.)

Burning herbs quickly fills a room with magical intent. Add them to incense sticks or coat candles in enhanced herbs.

Infusions transfer energy from dry herbs to liquid, this opens up new possibilities for the practitioner. You can use them as a house cleansing liquid, a bathing liquid or drink them as a tea. (Note: before consuming any herb, check with a reliable source and make sure it is safe for human consumption. Some plants are poisonous). You can use the infusions in oily form for body lubrication, candles and ritual tools.

To change a situation, throw herb seeds to the wind and concentrate on what you want to change. Once the seeds begin to sprout, the changes will begin.

Growing herbs at home or in the garden provides a continuous and active form of communication with the cosmos, reminding the universe that the combined spell continues indefinitely.

Kitchen herbs can be a powerful addition to magical work. Below is a list of herbs with magical properties that most people always have on hand.


Mugwort is called a witch’s herb by many practitioners because drinking its infusion or smoking its dried leaves transports one into a state of heightened parapsychic awareness. Its infusion is also used in washing clairvoyant mirrors, crystal balls and pendulums.


Cinnamon is a common kitchen herb that has a very high spiritual vibration, making it indispensable for the practitioner. Use it in magic related to prosperity, love, desire, success, physical energy and for divination.


Try a common herb like nutmeg in love spells to attract money, luck and health.


Cloves do an excellent job in spells related to lust, love, luck and money. Try them also in the fight against depression, sadness or melancholy.


Use ginger for magical work, where good health, strength, success or increased parapsychic abilities are important.


Lavender is used in protection, but is also useful in efforts related to childbirth, love, safe sleep, healing and long life.

Bay leaf

Use bay leaf in efforts related to sports, competition and victory, removal of negative energy and protection from disease. It is also useful for wishes, divination and love spells.


Chamomile has many magical uses, you can use it for luck in gambling, prophetic dreams and peaceful sleep, protection, love and charm removal.


Sage gained its popularity from the Indians, who used it to fumigate tents. Sage removes negative energy from homes and people, and can also be used for magical work related to health, success in life, wisdom, long life, and wishes.