Love Spells

Where did love spells come from?

In fact, love spells are some of the oldest spells – who knows if not as old as humanity itself… They were known as early as ancient times. They were also practiced by our Slavic ancestors. Love magic was dealt with (existing to this day) by people engaged in healing and witchcraft – gulesmiths, quacks, whisperers. For this they used rituals and herbs known to themselves. Such people were reluctant to pass on their knowledge to outsiders and scrupulously hid it in their secrets.

Fortunately, however, other methods of using love spells have been discovered that differ from those performed in the old days. Love spells are white magic, which does not use supernatural entities known from black magic and, as a rule, is not a practice intended to take place at the expense of other people (such actions are seen as impure and called black magic). White magic is primarily intended to help and serve the good, attracting good energy – this is also what rituals for love are, as a rule.

Of course, even white love magic can have its darker side – about that in a moment.

What to watch out for with love spells?

White love magic can cease to be pure when it is lined with bad intentions can and potentially affect the harm of others. This happens when:

– we try to cast a love charm on a person who is currently in a happy relationship;

– the person who is the subject of the rituals for attracting a particular person does not like you.

Remember – interfering with the free will and positive relationships of others should never happen. In the long term, it can bring more harm than good. The effects of impure magical practices are difficult to estimate. In lighter cases, it can bring you a short but bad relationship. In more severe cases, you risk losing what you care about. You should always keep in mind that black magic offers quick and pleasant results, but they come at a high price.

When is the best time to perform a ritual for love?

Love spells are best cast at a certain time. The ritual is best performed during the full moon. Remember that the full moon falls on a specific day. In order not to confuse the day of the actual full moon with the “almost-full moon,” it is best not to judge by eye, but to use a lunar calendar, which will give us absolute certainty about which day to choose.

Why is it the full moon that is recommended for casting love charms? Because it is in this phase that the moon has the strongest effect, increasing the effectiveness of spells. Of course, in extreme cases, you should not worry too much about the moon and perform a love ritual with candles and thread regardless of its position.