Love Spells

Can love spells be considered white magic?

Love spells are so ethically ambiguous that it is rare for anyone to talk about them, and even rarer to admit to using them.

Can love spells be considered white magic?

“What should I do to make him/her love me?” – is probably the most common question of Internet users. But the answers, in addition to practical advice and spell texts, often include criticism of this approach.

You can find love magic recipes on the Internet. There is even a lot of it – because the demand, despite the ethical controversy, is also considerable in this field. Of course, love magic rituals should be performed in secret, hiding them from the subject. The trick is to ensure that the object of magical procedures does not find out about anything. Therefore, unlike other spells, love formulas are often uttered only in thought.

What props are used when casting spells?

It all depends on the spell in question. Different props are used during Egyptian spells, and others when casting love binding spells.

For example, water is often used in magical and religious rituals – drawn in silence, at midnight, undisturbed by anyone else.

Are the effects of spells permanent?

To evoke love is not enough. It is important to make it last. An esoteric expert once told us in a lecture that in love magic one should use water from a mill wheel turned in the opposite direction. Because, as his interlocutor explained to him, it’s not just about catching the boy, but keeping him. Moving backwards means, in symbolic language, not just going backwards, but stopping, stagnating. However, there is also a much simpler practical hint in this – to evoke love is only the beginning of the task. Therefore, love spells also apply to those who already love us – lest they forget. For example, you can make us appear in the dreams of your beloved.

A magical unloving

Sometimes love ends. The one who, until recently, was our whole world, tires and irritates us more and more. We have to tell him this, but… how much better it would be if he forgot about us, stopped loving and went his own way. Or put another way – we have an admirer, only that we feel nothing for him. Adoration, instead of giving pleasure, begins to anger.

For this, too, there are magical ways. Love spells, even as strong as love binding spell, or voodoo spell can be removed.