Love Spells

How to cast a love spell?

A love ritual is one of the most common that people come to a Master or Mistress of Magic to perform. No wonder – everyone needs affection in their lives, and the belief in the magical power of a ritual to invoke love is still very strong.

It is widely believed that a love spell, which involves attracting a person of one’s choice, is an unethical activity. This is because one is then influencing the person’s will and acting against his feelings to satisfy one’s own desires. However, if we love the person we want to get then we can say that we are acting with positive intentions and our action can be called white magic. If our feelings are strong as well as sincere and we care about a particular person, we need to remember some basic rules when performing the ritual, so that it will be fruitful and ethical, and our spells will not turn against us.

Ritual for attracting a specific person.

Is it worth it to perform a love spell yourself?

I believe that it is better to outsource the spell to someone experienced. However, if you want you can try it yourself.

To perform a love spell, we will need a few accessories, the right place and time, and the right attitude. Let’s start with the items: they will be: a glass, filled halfway with clean water, a white, unscented candle and matches. The color and scent of candles are of great importance when performing any rituals. This is because each of them has a different energy and we can achieve different effects with them. Time and place also play an important role. Love magic ceremonies are best performed on Friday evening. This day is associated with the planet Venus, and this planet, as is known, with the feeling of love. In addition, some believe that magic has more power during weekends, and therefore its effects will be better. As for intentions: in the case of a ceremony aimed at arousing affection in a particular person, it is important to remember the rules that will make it not only morally justified, but also effective. First of all, it should be remembered that during the ritual, we should not try to influence the feelings of the selected person with our actions; we should only think of positive memories and associations associated with us to appear in the mind of the selected person. Whether the person chooses to reach us through them will depend entirely on the person himself. A meditation session will be a good option to clear the mind and focus only on positive and healthy thoughts. We start the ritual by filling a glass with clean water and lighting a candle. Then we sit comfortably, close our eyes and imagine our loved one(s). The entire ceremony should last no less than 15 minutes – it is best to wait until the candle is completely burned out and then dispose of the remaining wax. After the ceremony is over, we are left to wait for the reaction of our chosen person. Note that this can take up to several weeks, so we should be patient.