Love Spells

Love spells effects

The effect of a love spell depends on many factors. Among the main ones are the knowledge and skill of the spell caster, the selection of an appropriate ritual, the commitment of the person ordering the ritual and the situation between two people.

Starting from the end, as I mentioned earlier, a love spell puts us in a positive light in the mind of the person on whom the spell is cast, so there is definitely a better chance for the spell to work, as well as faster results, if there is even a hint of affection for us still smoldering in the person. Therefore, from the point of view of magic, theoretically the easiest cases are when both people feel something for each other, but there is “something” that does not allow them to create a happy relationship. In other cases, the spell will also be effective, but it takes a little more time and strength to get a satisfactory result.

Another factor determining the effectiveness of the spell and, in my opinion, the most important is the faith and commitment of the person ordering the ritual. In addition, it should be remembered that probably none of us wants to have a slave, because then such a relationship will sooner or later become hell for both parties. Therefore, it should be remembered that the spell is only to help us get the other half, but whether our relationship will survive and what it will be like already depends on ourselves and our daily actions.

A very important factor in the success of the action is the right choice of ritual, so do not expect miracles from the “rituals” that can be found on Internet forums.

The last element I will describe is the knowledge and skills of the person casting the spell, such knowledge is actually acquired through years of hard work, it is not enough here to read widely available books or play with bending a spoon. On the other hand, when it comes to skills, it is not at all necessary to have a “gift” or a witch’s grandmother, in this case it is more about working on oneself, meditation, calming down and trying to look inside oneself can be helpful here.

As for the question of when the ritual will work. The answer depends mainly on the above elements. We can see cases where the first effects are visible after just a few days, but there are also those where you have to wait even a few months for the effects.