Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

Can esotericism help with problems? Is it worth using the aura cleansing?

People have been experiencing problems since the dawn of time. It must be admitted that some problems did not grow to such a rank as do today. In the past, people had their social roles to play in which they mostly fulfilled. Of course, there were unforeseen situations beyond their control, but such situations also happen today. The present world, the pursuit of money and social recognition make more and more people depressed. That is why we face such ailments as panic attacks, social anxiety, addiction to various substances. In the past, it was enough for us and our loved ones to be healthy, the money earned was enough to support the family and people could be happy. Today, fewer and fewer people are able to enjoy small things. They want more and more all the time. Mental health suffers from this, because there will always be a person who earns better, looks better and has a higher social position. People don’t know how to slow down and go inside themselves. And keeping your pace of life high must eventually lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Then there is a crisis from which it is very difficult to get out.

Back to the question, how can esotericism help?

This field makes man more open mind. He begins to focus on his feelings, asks himself difficult questions that he has so far avoided. In this way, step by step, he changes his way of thinking and perceiving the world. At the end of this long road, he can control his emotions, he can live according to his rules and most importantly – in harmony with himself. And without being at peace with oneself, one cannot find happiness. What to do to get this condition? As I mentioned, the road to this is very long. In my opinion, it is good to sit in a quiet place and think about what makes us unhappy and think how to change it. If you are overworked, take a vacation, it will definitely help you get to you in a way. Unfortunately, when you go back to work, the problems will come back again. Therefore, it is important for the change to be more radical, we often have to reject what we have believed for many years.

Personally, I advise you to start with energy cleansing (cleansing the aura, getting rid of all negative relationships). Thanks to this, at least for a while it will be much better. I wrote about the benefits of using aura clenasing in other articles. Aura cleansing can really help solve everyday problems.