Healing (Aura & Chakras Treatment)

The crown chakra: 8 ways to heal the chakra of self-realization

An open crown chakra is the final step on the spiritual path of development in chakra work. Feel the power hidden inside you, open to knowledge and the full potential of your abilities. Find out how to develop the seventh chakra and learn the benefits that come with it.

The crown chakra is located at the top of our head, hence the name and, since the dawn of time, the special customs of wearing something on the head by the mighty of this world. It is believed that it is from this point that we connect with the Source. It is attributed to the color purple, the power animal of the eagle and the sphere of thought. It is responsible for self-realization. Each of us has it, it can only be developed to different degrees.

Signals of disorders of the crown chakra:

lack of a sense of oneness with the world;

lack of a sense of meaning in life;

problems with achieving goals and low self-esteem;

a sense of loneliness;

anxiety, insecurity in looking at the future;

escaping into the world of fantasy, lack of reality;

being interested only in mundane things, suspicious of spiritual matters;

It can also manifest itself in the form of self-destructive habits, depression, sleep disorders and apathy.

When this chakra is overactive, the spectrum of disorders tilts to the other side – the physical world is rejected and spiritual matters are considered the only priority, which can also involve financial problems, reluctance to earn money, outrage when other spiritual teachers/healers charge for their services and products. When you harmonize the seventh chakra, you will feel a flow of boundless love and a sense of oneness with All That Is. Your life will gain meaning no matter what you are doing at the moment. Everything can become a divine manifestation of sacred creation, joy, succor, love. You can then easily get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom. You stop looking for confirmation of your worth in the outside world, asking people around you about issues that are important to you. You are a signpost to yourself, you know your life’s calling and your heart’s deepest desires, and you fulfill them. You feel the unlimited power of possibilities and the deeply spiritual dimension of every moment, situation, encounter. You feel deep peace, happiness. You shine a light for the benefit of all humanity. This is a wonderful state of enlightenment to discover. Try the following practices and find the best ways for you.

1. Surround yourself with the color purple. Start wearing white

Purple was formerly considered the color of rulers, extremely rich, influential people and… witches. It symbolizes mystery, magic, abundance, the unusual. You can make additions to your home, burn candles in this color, wear jewelry and clothes. Or maybe from now on you will fall asleep under the bedding in the color of stately purple? In addition, you will also be helped by angelic white, a color that integrates all colors and opens to divine healing and light.

2. Contemplate the cosmos

Whenever you can, watch the sky full of stars. Observe the cosmos through a telescope, visualize the cosmic vacuum. You can also meditate by concentrating on the cosmic space and placing only yourself there.

3. The power of gemstones

Amethyst, rock crystal, sugilite and selenite – these stones are worth keeping at home and/or creating power jewelry from them. They will protect you, ground you, open you to the flow of love and purify your energy.

4. Listen to the silence

In silence, the divinity of all creation speaks. In silence, it is also possible to establish a deep connection with yourself. It is silence that helps harmonize the crown chakra and hear the whispers of the Universe coming from everything around us.

5. Mantra the sound “OM”

This simple mantra is the sound of the cosmos, opens to oneness and raises to higher levels of consciousness.

6. Beneficial power of natural oils

Recommended scents include lotus, symbolizing unity with the god, beauty and spiritual perfection, and frankincense tree, which has been used in various rituals for centuries. Frankincense tree cleanses the mind and energy, and opens us to divine light.

7. Feed yourself with the right ingredients

Foods in the color of purple, such as eggplant, plum, grape will benefit the seventh chakra. Ginger will help achieve spiritual purity. Of the herbs, mint will be excellent.

8. Affirmations

Use the following sentences and repeat them daily. Additionally, jot them down in a notebook or hang them on your wall at home.

I feel unconditional love and happiness.

Divinity is within me.

I trust life and divine guidance.

I am love, peace and beauty.

I am the light.

I am guided by a Higher Power.

I am filled with light and love.

My self-esteem is high and I achieve my goals with ease.

My life has meaning.

Remember that your energy system consists of seven major chakras. You need to work with each one to reach your full potential. The seventh chakra is the final step on the path to spiritual enlightenment in the area of chakra work. Once you develop it more, you will feel incredible love, unity, peace and happiness. This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you in life.