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Pearls – symbolism and energetic richness

Due to their creation process and origin, pearls are not commonly counted among gemstones, but this does not detract from their symbolic and energetic qualities. The distinctive appearance of pearls, as well as their history, have led them to harbor extraordinary powers, sometimes surpassing those of their crystalline, earth-created brethren.

Pearls were first recorded by a Chinese historian in 2206 BC. Since the dawn of time, they have been highly prized and widely admired for their beauty. Shimmering pearls naturally form when a parasite or the proverbial grain of sand enters an oyster, clam or, more rarely, a snail. Wanting to rid the intruder from inside its home, the creature uses a defense mechanism to coat the element irritating its insides. Layer by layer, an unusual coating called mother-of-pearl is deposited until a shiny pearl forms. These coatings build up like the layers of an onion, forming concentric circles, plus each new coating gives the pearl an iridescent luster. These wonders of nature can come in a whole range of colors, depending on the circumstances under which they were formed. However, white pearls are by far the most familiar to mankind, thus they have become the most symbolic.

The meaning and symbolism of beautiful pearls

A large part of ancient cultures believed that pearls must somehow be associated with the moon, all due to their appearance and shape, which is believed to strongly evoke the power of the moon. These associations are further reinforced by the Moon’s effect on the water in which pearls are born. Thanks to these associations, pearls have particularly appealed to women, who not only perceive their physical beauty, but feel their subtle lunar energy of beauty and radiance that they exude. In ancient Greece, pearls were strongly associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who, according to myths, was born in the sea. In contrast, Western cultures, where the color white is commonly associated with innocence and purity, have equated the pearl with truth, impeccability, as well as a good marriage. Additionally, in some parts of Asia, these gems symbolize wisdom and immortality, and represent the journey of the spirit on the road to perfection.

Energy, strength and power

Many of the symbolic attributes of pearls come from the realm of feminine energy, and they are closely associated with the moon, love, water, the sea, beauty and purity. Pearls are crystals that attract luck and wealth, and they also bring in the energy of prosperity and abundance. Having pearls with you attracts fame, success and fortune. With the help of their strength, we will become more practical when it comes to choices and decisions, especially those concerning finances and money. They are a symbol of wisdom gained through experience. The power of these small round wonders will make their owner able to effortlessly draw conclusions and lessons from every life experience. Pearls are also protective crystals that provide security in every way. With their protective energy surrounding us, we will overcome daily challenges without fear, as they will invoke in us a sense of inner confidence and peace. Water gems are also known for their powerful calming effects and ability to balance the aura.

When we are filled with the power of pearls, we will quickly build an integral and cohesive personality within ourselves, open our minds and find the meaning and purpose of our true self. The pearls will cultivate our inner wisdom, as well as enhance pure love in our lives. They will also enlighten our mind and help us distinguish between good and evil. Their power will teach us to cultivate love so that we can be more generous and open. They will awaken mercy and compassion in us, strengthen our relationships and improve communication in them.

Pearls additionally have a healing effect on disorders of the digestive tract and muscular system. Their power can be beneficial for people suffering from lung diseases such as bronchitis, asthma or tuberculosis. The energy of crystals can also prove to be an excellent support during infertility treatment, as well as in alleviating pain and discomfort during childbirth. In addition, it can support us in maintaining or restoring balance and the body’s natural rhythm.

Unlike other precious crystals that can be extracted from the earth, pearls are organic matter derived from living creatures. The energy of pearls will enhance positivity in us, protect us from dangers and attract success. Well, and above all, thanks to pearls, we can connect with the goddess inherent in us, the goddess who is the source of the highest feminine energy.