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How to program crystals to support our path to success with their vibration

Beautiful, intriguing and precious gemstones, crystals and minerals have fascinated people since the dawn of time. According to Eastern beliefs, each stone has its own soul, but also the ability to store energy and memory of its creation – geological and cosmic. Minerals have the energy of the sun, moon, earth and oceans stored in them. Lithotherapy, or gemstone healing, is returning to favor again after years of oblivion. Learn how to program crystals and benefit from their properties.

Lithotherapy was already known in antiquity in every major empire – Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome and China. Then in the Middle Ages, medics treated with crushed stones, preparing special mixtures from them, depending on the condition. Gemstones and humans share the same bio-elements. Scientific research has confirmed that crystals affect us by resonance and change the recording of the encephalogram, that is, they affect our central nervous system. One scientist, Marcel Vogel, devoted more time to the issue of gemstones. Observing crystals under a microscope, he noticed that they changed shape under the influence of his thoughts. Studying a quartz crystal, he discovered that rocks can store thoughts in a similar way that a magnetic tape records sound, using magnetic energy.

Crystals are natural objects from the Earth, and are the most condensed and pure carriers of information. They have constant energy, high vibration and are eternally connected to the flow of Life. They constantly send out harmonic waves to the environment, according to their structure and color. When we receive them, they act on us in the right way – relaxing, calming, energizing, etc., which creates a space for regeneration, hearing the voice of intuition and self-satisfaction. In order for the power of crystals to work and stimulate your energy, you need an open mind and heart. Your negative beliefs can block you from healing and even make you feel worse about working with the crystals. Similarly, positive thoughts will benefit you and the effects of working with the stones. Already Albert Einstein explained that everything in the world and the Universe is energy of a certain vibration, including our thoughts. It is up to us what energy we emanate.

How to choose a crystal for yourself?

Follow your intuition when choosing the right crystal for you. Calm your mind and focus on your breathing for a while to calm yourself and put yourself in a state of deep relaxation. Grasp the stones in your hands and check your sensations. Feelings of warmth, calm, pulsation, cold, aversion, or magnetic attraction will tell you what to choose and what to put down. Sometimes, too, specific crystals can bring information about your problems – each stone is responsible for something different. For example, if you intuitively reached for citrine, it’s a sign that you may need to work with the theme of money and abundance in your life. If you don’t have the opportunity to physically touch the stones because you want to order them online, then as you browse through more minerals, as in the first case, observe your feelings. Or you can close your eyes and let your intuition show you the color of the right stone for you, from which you will then choose the perfect one. Whichever you choose, each stone will increase the frequency of your vibration and begin to attune you to a state that is natural to all of us – love, health, abundance, connection to Life in all that is. Crystals are teachers who remind us what we have forgotten: we are more than bodies, we live for the celebration of being, not for work, and that we are all connected to each other.

How do we program crystals?

Our intentions act as magnets to attract what we desire. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize what we carry within us. They don’t know their desires, beliefs, don’t consciously set goals, and even let others program their demands into them.

Meditation, yoga, contact with nature, creative expression of various kinds are paths that lead us to ourselves, to our dreams and deeply hidden needs. Setting intentions is a powerful tool for building a happy, fulfilling life. Intentions should be in line with our values, aspirations, life goals. When saying them, use positive sentence constructions that relate to the present. For example, instead of “I don’t want to be poor,” use the phrase “I live in abundance.” Be specific in describing your goals and set precise dates. Review your goals from time to time and see if you may need new directions or changes in certain aspects of your life.

When wanting to use crystals to manifest your desires, it is a good idea to choose stones other than those we use for self-healing. They should be kept away from other stones. Before programming, they should be cleaned. This can be done by:

burying them in the ground (advisable for black tourmaline, agate, hematite, tiger’s eye and malachite);

leaving it in a bowl of salted water for a day or two (recommended for rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, fluorite);

rinsing under cold running water (unsuitable only for pyrite or black turquoise);

incense incense inhalation.

Then proceed to programming, keeping in mind the power of intention described above. Crystal programming is mental work. For the crystal to work, your intention should be strictly described and in line with what you really need at the moment.

Take the crystal in your hand and, while looking at it, visualize your goal at the same time.

Once you know what you need, close your eyes. Imagine step by step how your intention came true. Imagine what you will look like then, where you will be, what you will say and to whom. Get a feel for how you will feel when this goal is realized.

Now imagine that you already have everything you need in life. Fill yourself with joy, peace, love, trust, gratitude. Feel them authentically within you.

Feel the feeling of self-satisfaction wash over you – after all, you already have everything you needed.

Focus on all the sensations in your body during this process. Sink into them.

When you feel you can finish the whole process, take a deep breath, relax and open your eyes.

For best efficiency, program your crystal every day. You can even do this twice a day.

Our ancestors harnessed the power of crystals. We can take over this legacy and help ourselves on the path of spiritual development, fulfilling dreams or improving our lives. In my opinion, any tool that reminds us of being part of the great process of Life and connecting to everything is worthy of consideration.