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Aura cleansing – do it yourself with the help of salt lamps, incense, candles and amulets

Each of us is energy. Our energy field intermingles with other people’s fields every day, collecting impurities, thought-forms and negative thoughts. We absorb the energy of places and objects, so that at the end of the day our auras are full of garbage and unnecessary energy entanglements.

To ensure that our body functions properly, we should take care to keep our aura clean. Cleansing the aura should be done from time to time, preferably on a regular basis. This can be done on your own, using some simple, homemade methods. Until recently, the ceremonies of our ancestors included energy cleansing. Now, it is less and less often remembered, assuming that since you can’t see the problem at first glance, there is nothing to worry about. And clean energy all around us and in us translates into our well-being and body function. The accumulation of unfavorable energies can lead to the formation of blockages and blockages in the human energy body, and diseases follow, and often tragic accidents and broadly defined ” bad luck”. If we notice that we are in a string of unfortunate events, if we are unhappy and ill, it is then worth doing an energy cleansing, and then practice it regularly.

The simplest ways to do aura cleansing yourself:


Salt is an underrated good. We can use it for energy cleansing in two ways. The first – a salt bath. We pour a few handfuls of rock salt into a bathtub filled with water. We immerse the whole body and fill ourselves with the intention of cleansing the aura. The second – when we do not have a bathtub and use the shower. Then we can make a body scrub with salt, peeling off energy impurities with the movement of our hands along with the epidermis. This way we also regenerate the skin. We rub the whole body with salt and then rinse it off with water.

Salt lamps

The space where we stay can also be polluted. The easiest way to take care of the energetic purity of our home is a salt lamp. Using it harmonizes the life of residents on all levels and has a healing effect. The lamp should be placed in the place where we sleep, rest and make intellectual efforts. The light of the Salt Lamp neutralizes positive ions, which positively affects the mood of the residents of the house, supports the treatment of many diseases. It has an exceptionally positive effect on the respiratory tract. The lamp should be vacuumed regularly. They are cleaned under running water, rinsing off the dusty layer of salt.


Burning incense sticks is not only a nice smell in the room. Burning incense also has spiritual dimensions – it improves the energy of the environment. Just light the incense for a few moments and then shake off the glowing tip. The scent will spread through the house and thus purify its energies. It is a good idea to walk through all the rooms with incense and with a deep intention to purify the space and its inhabitants.

White sage

White sage cleanses rooms and people of negative energy, keeps energy vampires away and cuts off connections to those who prey on our energy. It also pulls off charms and spells, cuts off astral entities, protects people and rooms during magic rituals, and has a refreshing effect on the body, mind and soul. In a ceramic pot, we light dried, crushed white sage leaves. We blow out the flame and let the sage smoke. We use the smoke to encircle rooms and persons. When we are fumigating people, we start the cleansing from the head and finish on the feet. When we odorize an apartment, then we close the doors and windows, and then walk with the sage from the right to the left side of the apartment starting from the door. We odorize the house from the basement to the attic. After the ceremony, we open the windows to let the negative energy go outside. We use house cleansing after any major accumulation of toxic energy (illnesses of household members, quarrels or the presence of energy vampires).


We associate candle burning with creating the right climate in autumn and winter or a romantic aura at dinner with a partner or partner. It is not said, but burning candles positively affects the energy of the room. Beeswax candles are best, because even when they are not burning, they purify the space by releasing essential oils. Candles in white are purifying, so as part of an energetic cleansing, burn a white candle with the intention of purifying the room and its inhabitants.

The candle should burn to the end. Bury the remnant of the candle in the ground.


To keep the aura impeccable, we can carry amulets with us to protect us from negative energies. These can be, for example, stones such as rock crystal, obsidian, onyx. Also useful is the protective rune Algiz, which we can draw and hang up in every room in the house, and put in our wallet.

Stones carried with you need to be cleaned preferably once a week. Depending on the stone, we hold it a minute under cold running water or expose it to moonlight. Once a month, we put the stones in a bowl of water and salt for 24 hours.

Daily practice

Every day when washing your hands or taking a shower, do so with the intention of energy cleansing. You will quickly get into the habit of doing this. You’ll notice the effects almost immediately – you’ll realize it by how good you feel.