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What do the given colors of our aura mean?

The aura is a subtle field of energy that surrounds every living being. It is a source of information about our physical and mental health, and also carries knowledge about the level of development of a person’s soul. It reveals the truth about ourselves and is the key to a deeper knowledge of our own being. It reflects thoughts, feelings and deep desires and shows us existing disharmonies. If we experience setbacks, illnesses or other negativities in life, they will be visible in the aura long before they appear on the physical plane. Insight into the aura is able to protect us from experiencing these unfavorable circumstances in life. Different auric layers carry a different kind of information.

The aura is divided into six basic bodies:

The first is the etheric body, which is closest to the physical body, and its condition depends on our conduct and our deeds.

The next is the astral body, from which we receive information about our emotions, dreams, fantasies and true desires. If we want to keep this body in good shape, it is important to be sincere in our intentions and to have positive thoughts and emotions.The third is the mental body, which is the body of our thoughts. A huge role is played here by our thoughts, which at this level shape health and fate. As you can see, it is worthwhile to start training in positive thinking, and thus create a good future for ourselves.

The next body is the causal, otherwise known as the body of karma. It contains information about all previous incarnations, as well as the current one, which is ongoing. It indicates issues that need to be healed and changed.

The fifth energy body, called the body of individuality, the IAM body, helps the soul analyze its possibilities. At this level the soul makes choices.

The last body – the spark of God, the absolute, gives a glowing halo around the heads of sacred beings.

It is important to know the colors of one’s aura. In everyone it is multicolored, and the quality of these colors gives us information about a person’s life. If the colors are bright, it is information about health, love, wisdom or intellect, while if the colors are dim, they indicate low energy and disharmony. Below I will present the basic colors that can emanate in our aura:

The color red corresponds to the first chakra. The characteristics are strength, fire, creation, activity. It is love and passion, but also anger and hatred. An excess of this vibration in the aura introduces disharmony and can mean irritability, anger or aggression, while a deficiency of this color can indicate problems with the mother, problems in the sexual sphere or latent aggression.

The color orange corresponds to the sacral chakra. It is a warm, creative, joyful and compassionate vibration, while in a dirty shade it can indicate perceived anxiety or overwhelm.

The color yellow is assigned to the third chakra and is the most controversial among all colors. It is very extreme, containing poison and salvation. Its characteristics are activity, strength and intelligence, but also lying deception, madness and jealousy.

The color green symbolizes the fourth chakra. In the positives we find love, honesty, compassion, hope, peace and harmony, in the negatives it will be mistrust, stinginess, insecurity and an exaggerated desire to experience pleasure.

The color blue, or fifth chakra. Vibration of calmness, tranquility, discipline and seriousness. Dirty shades of it indicate extreme detachment from reality, melancholy and even depression.

The color blue – the third eye chakra, signifies deep wisdom, intuition, well-developed imagination, reliability and compassion, while its dirty tones suggest blockage of reality, melancholy anxieties and multiple psychoses.

The color violet corresponds to the seventh chakra and is a warm vibration, bringing change, repentance and spiritual maturity. A common color for pregnant women, homosexuals or the elderly. Dark tones signify sadness, grief, loneliness and excessive erotic imagination.

The color pink signifies gentleness modesty and romantic love.

The color brown is the color of selfishness, stinginess and business ability.

The color golden is the color of the higher self, speaking of good character and harmony the color silver indicates high energy.

The color white is a mixture of all colors speaks of nobility and only positive qualities of a person.

The color black can also occur in a person’s aura, which is quite disturbing. It is a color that signifies death, sin or a curse. It is an expression of evil thoughts, intentions and is most often found in people whose thoughts are filled with curses, demons and evil deeds. Such people can also pose a threat to those around them. Help, should be sought in séances of cosmoenergetics, as it has a powerful healing, cleansing energy that can free from all curses and low entities, and permanently change the colors of our biofield.