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What gives energy cleansing?

Energy cleansing is applied to more and more people. There are many reasons – attacks of energy beings from another dimension, malice and envy, curses, charms and all kinds of negative energy activities in life cause disorders and problems in every sphere of life. what gives energy cleansing in such a situation?

Energy cleansing works on all spheres of a person and on all energy bodies. It causes the removal of disorders and negative influences in a person’s life.

During the process of energy cleansing we cut off and remove all negative energies that interfere with our daily life.

1. spirits – spirits often choose people with damaged auras and energy disorders, because it is easier for them to connect to a person who is “sick” in terms of energy. Natural protection is weakened so it can be said that we send an invitation to unwanted beings and parasites.

2. energy vampirism – similar to ghosts, people who are energy vampires also seek their victims among people who are somewhat weakened. This allows them to quickly recharge their energy batteries.

3. curses- the actions of black magic much more easily and quickly affect people who have disturbed energies, damaged auras and problems in their lives – it is easier to cause sadness and depression in them, which in turn leads to an informal acquiescence to negative energy structures.

4. etheric and auric beings – all sorts of astral parasites and god-forms that are also looking for a free energy accumulator. They operate in the same way as ghosts and energy vampires.

5. thought-forms – structures created by people themselves, which over time gain self-awareness. Such creations especially need power – so not only are they immediately connected to their creator, but in addition they damage the energy structure.

As you can see above, the damage to the aura and other energy disorders greatly complicate life and give themselves away.

What, then, does energy cleansing provide?

Energy cleansing removes all the dirt in the aura, energy bodies and even removes thought patterns, which are often the cause of many diseases and situations in life.

In fact, energy cleansing, should be applied on the principle of hygiene – that is, just as we brush our teeth or take a shower, we should symbolically cleanse ourselves, at least once a week.

This can be done by combining, for example, the aforementioned shower, along with the removal of all bad energies and energetic attachments using water. It is enough, while washing yourself, to visualize how all bad energy flows out of the body (how we visualize bad energy for ourselves is an individual matter). It is important that after such a cleansing procedure, we should feel that we are clean on the outside and on the inside.

A good way, however, which already requires concentration and silence, is to visualize a ball of golden light. The most convenient way is to lie down and, with eyes closed, visualize a golden ball passing along the body and pulling out all the negative and dirty energies that cause disorders.

Such procedures are sure to reduce energy disturbances, provide basic protection and increase resistance to all attacks of negative energy and to the influence of beings from other dimensions. It is worth remembering that with any method, you can also visualize other people’s energy connections, if you know that there are any. With these techniques, we can also successfully cut off the so-called Energy Vampires.

In the event that the aura and energetics are already heavily tainted, it is best to turn to a specialist in energy cleansing.