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Ritual is a kind of catalyst or signpost in the field of energy transformations. As we know – magic is nothing more than an action just in this area. However, thanks to the knowledge possessed by magical ritualists – esotericists, magicians and witches – the scope of ritual goes much deeper and uses much more energy than the aforementioned coffee brewing. Ritual in magic is a highly influential element, because it knows exactly when, where and how to affect reality in the most unknowable spaces for the general public.

However, there, far beyond our consciousness, lurk various dangers, such as resistance, fear or entities whose existence derives from them. Hence, a magic ritualist must have a perfect knowledge of what he or she is dealing with, and magic is not something that can be reached for by anyone who wishes. Countless people who have tried to use magic incorrectly and without proper knowledge have already found this out.

When to perform rituals?

A ritual has its validity when it allows us to consciously benefit from the transformation that occurs as a result. We can see the result immediately, but it often takes time and regular, well-defined actions. It is not always enough to push energy once in the direction we want. More often than not, it requires either a tremendous amount of spiritual effort or established, stable knowledge, or time and exceptional regularity. Hence, some rituals take a few days, weeks, or months, and one must wait even years for the result.

Depending on what kind of ritual is being performed, the moment, place, and even the objects and words involved are also important. For example, during the full moon, one only needs to look at it to know that it is the ideal moment for magical activities. First of all, the moon maintains its regularity, as we observe in the lunar cycle, and secondly, it has a tremendous impact, both culturally, emotionally and energetically, on humans. Thus, a full or new moon can be used as a moment in which a cut-off or attraction ritual is performed. If it is performed once – by us, or by a person dealing with it regularly, it will always remain in our consciousness that an action on energy was performed at that very moment, and it will always – in this and even in other incarnations – bring reflection and a reminder of the ritual. The moon will then act as a reminder vaccine.

Reflection on the meaning of rituals

Rituals are worth reaching for in all spheres of our lives. Provided that they do not harm and destroy the order of other beings. A ritual can become the daily drinking of a bottle of beer, which will lead to alcoholism and irreversible consequences in our lives. It could be taking a bath in fragrant oils in concentration and silence, or taking a weekly walk in the woods. We can, in the right phase of the Moon, devote our energy to attracting money or strengthening ties in marriage or cutting off old love, because of which we are unable to enter a new relationship.

Each of us has his or her own way and the ability to choose which rituals he or she wants to use, but remember – first, do no harm, and second, be aware of the long-term effects. Ritual is not fun, it is a powerful force of habit and projection into the subconscious, the results of which can be felt for many beings in many dimensions.