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The second chakra- sacral chakra

The sacral (sexual) chakra is located two fingers below the navel and opens toward the front. Its color is orange. The second chakra is associated with sexual activity and the pursuit of sensual pleasure. Its element is water and it is responsible in our body for fluids: lymph, sperm, digestive juices and for organs located in the pelvis: kidneys, bladder and sexual organs. The domain of this chakra is joy and desire for life, contentment, openness, cordiality with self and others, and creativity. Importantly, the work of the second chakra has a direct impact on the work of the throat chakra, responsible for the development of mental abilities.

Sacral chakra in harmony

An open, beautifully working sacral chakra is the current of life – the free flow of feelings and creation. We are in touch with our primal feelings and express them freely. We are creative and create effortlessly. We feel that we are realizing ourselves, and our lives are full of passion and joy. Our interpersonal relationships, especially those towards the opposite sex, are definitely marked by the action of the second chakra. When this chakra is in harmony we feel joy in meeting people and are open and natural towards them. We feel comfortable and safe in relationships. We respect and like ourselves and others. We are cordial, kind, trusting and conflict-free. In relation to the opposite sex, we are full of confidence and derive joy and satisfaction from these contacts.

We are content with our bodies and enjoy pleasing ourselves. We feel attractive and open, so we magnetically attract the opposite sex. Our sex life is filled with a sense of closeness, joy and fulfillment. Everyday life gives us pleasure. We thrill to it, appreciate it and feel gratitude for what we have. We enjoy life to the fullest, without undue anxiety. We feel satisfied by life.

Sacral chakra in disharmony

Destabilization of the second chakra usually occurs early in life. The reason for this is the lack of warmth, touch and affection from parents. A child condemned to a life without tenderness has to block his chakra in order not to feel this lack acutely. A person raised in this way, during adolescence, further blocks the sacral chakra, his sexuality or, on the contrary, thirsty, throws himself into the vortex of sexuality and stimulants intended to satisfy him, and thus leads to chakra hyperactivity.

We feel a distance between ourselves and other people. A sense of insecurity and tension in dealing with people, especially the opposite sex, is born. We don’t know how to get affection and can’t accept it. We live with the feeling that we will not be accepted, loved and that the attention and tenderness offered to us is insincere. Thus, with underactivity of the sacral chakra, we are faced with frigidity and impotence, and with overactivity with sexaholism. In both cases, we live with a sense of unsatisfaction all the time.

If you feel anxious about your physical appearance and attractiveness – these emotions come from the second chakra. The same is true if you feel you are an underachiever, e.g. at work, in company, when you constantly compare yourself with others. Lack of self-acceptance is a sign that the sacral chakra is suffering from an imbalance.

The second chakra reaches for anything that can bring pleasure, and these sensations can become addictions (alcohol, drugs, chocolate). A malfunctioning sacral chakra can cause one to lose oneself in stimulants that bring satisfaction only in the short term or not at all. Inactivity of this chakra can also lead to anorexia – a complete shutdown of what is good for the body.

Disorders of the sacral chakra make life seem inadequate and meaningless to us. We lack passion and sincere joy in life. We don’t know how to get creative and live in constant anxiety that we will fail at something and that we will be rejected.

Dysharmony of the second chakra can manifest itself in the form of urinary diseases and sexual dysfunction.

Harmonizing the sacral chakra

An excellent way to work with the chakras is yoga. Asanas are not only about working with the body, but also about working with the energy in our body, with our emotions and thinking. If we want to improve the functioning of the sacral chakra, we should practice tantra yoga asanas. To work with the second chakra, we use its color, which is orange. One should look at this color as often as possible, surround oneself with it, meditate with it.

The gemstones carnelian and moonstone will also be helpful. An effective and very pleasant way to work with the chakras is aromatherapy. The sacral chakra will be best stimulated by the scents of ylang-ylang and sandalwood.