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Third chakra – Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra. It is located two fingers above the navel and opens forward and backward. It emanates the color yellow and its element is fire. This chakra is called our inner sun. It is the source of light, warmth and life energy we need for action, activity.

The third chakra is associated with what we call intuition. If we have a so-called intuition, we can be sure that it comes from the solar plexus chakra. This energy center provides us with an enormous amount of information. It is worth listening to this voice and using it in everyday life, such as when making decisions or dealing with people we are not sure about. Thanks to the third chakra, we recognize the vibrations of people or places and react accordingly to this information. We don’t feel comfortable among people who send out negative energy despite their mask of smiles and friendliness.

In the solar plexus chakra are located our feelings, as well as preferences, likes. The information whether we like something or not, whether we want something or not, is contained in this very chakra. This is also where our idea of ourselves is located. We can say that our personality, social identity and self-esteem are located here. From this level we define ourselves and our will and act according to it.

Solar plexus chakra in harmony

If the third chakra is open and working harmoniously it brings light to your inner self, and you see the bright side of life and are optimistic. You are satisfied with life, you enjoy it and you are passionate about it. You believe that life will bring you the best, and if problems arise, that you are able to handle them. You feel that you can enjoy life and you do. You are intrinsically motivated to act and put your plans into action. Your emotions are balanced, and if negative feelings arise, you are able to understand them, express them in a healthy way and return to balance. This attitude entails opening up an abundance of spiritual and material values. You have a sense of your dignity and worth. You respect yourself, your opinion and your autonomy. Likewise, you accept and respect other people and their desire for self-determination. Your interpersonal relationships are full of harmony and acceptance.

Solar plexus chakra in disharmony

Irregularities in the work of the solar plexus chakra make you full of tension and anxiety. You react nervously and impulsively to everyday events and interactions with people. This is because you don’t know how to deal with your negative emotions, fears and self-esteem. You are engaged in an internal battle with yourself. You lack confidence and determination – you are afraid of life and see it in dark colors. You avoid life’s challenges and are afraid of failure and the opinions of others. Sometimes this manifests itself in withdrawal and sometimes in aggression. You don’t believe in yourself and don’t accept yourself, you consider yourself inferior and deep down you feel that you don’t deserve anything good. You have a sense of perpetual deprivation and a need to compete with others for material goods or recognition, for example. You are convinced that life is unfair and constantly throws obstacles at your feet. Because you feel that you constantly have to fight, defend or attack – you rigidly stick to your principles and beliefs. As a result, relationships with other people are not easy either. You often want to impose your rules on others or, conversely, allow yourself to be dominated.

Harmonizing the solar plexus chakra

We should start harmonizing the third chakra by looking at ourselves, our emotions and beliefs, and realizing what drives us. Bringing feelings and beliefs out of the subconscious into the light will really help.

An excellent way to work with the chakras is through yoga. Asanas are not only about working with the body, but also working with the energy in our body, our emotions and thinking. If we want to improve the functioning of the solar plexus chakra, we should practice karma yoga asanas.

To work with the third chakra, we use its color, which is yellow. One should look at this color as often as possible, surround oneself with it, meditate with it. The most important thing here is to be outdoors often, in the sun – this is where the third chakra gets its energy from.

Gemstones: tiger’s eye, amber and citrine will also be helpful. An effective and very pleasant way to work with the chakras is aromatherapy. The third chakra is best stimulated by the scents of lavender, rosemary or bergamot.