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Energy aggression – how it works

One hears a lot every day about energies – negative, positive, harmful, pathogenic, etc. In fact, one can list endlessly. Also people talk about the bad influence of other people, about energy hookups, and about parasites and entities from the astral world. But for a person who has little to do with the subject of esotericism, it would actually be useful to have at least a brief explanation – that is, how it works, why and where it comes from. I will try to give at least some basic information about energy aggression and give a little insight into this subject.

Every being is energy. The physical body is just one of the bodies we have. In fact, there are many more. Each is responsible for different factors or tasks. And, as you may have guessed, there are different disorders in each of them, as well as different parasites or astral beings, etheric beings, kazoos, etc.

About energy bodies and their functions, I will write a separate article. Now let’s focus on the types of energy aggression.

1. Energy hook-up

This is nothing more than connecting to someone else’s energy and “stealing” someone else’s energy or vitality. We hook up most often unconsciously. A person who has a hookup from someone else often experiences a decrease in energy and strength, if only for day-to-day work.

2. Energy vampirism

This is already a more dangerous and permanent form of hookup. Energy vampires replenish their energy shortages constantly and do not disconnect so easily from their “battery”. However, there are advantages to such an action – energy vampires first pull down negative and pathogenic energy, only later do they start drawing positive energy. Nevertheless, such connections need to be removed as soon as possible through energy cleansing.

3. Envy, jealousy

Probably the most popular type of energy aggression of the present time. It is very rare to meet people who do not envy something or someone – not much, and often even malign them so that someone else is much worse off. Such thinking and attitudes towards other people, causes weakening and, in short, harms the people in whose direction this energy is sent.But it does not end there – wishing and envying someone, we ourselves become a victim of our own thoughts, because these energies always return to their source.

4. Bad Spell

This is nothing more than sending negative energy, focused on a specific person. Charm can be used for general deterioration of all spheres of life and to induce a person to act against his will.

5. Curse

A curse is the deliberate and conscious sending of destructive and harmful energy toward a person or place or even a nation. A curse is not a one-time action, but is a very complicated process that works over many years or even millennia (as there are, for example, cursed nations).

6. Possession

Colloquially, possession is taking control of an astral being (spirit, demon, etc.) over the body and drawing bioenergy from it. Beings that possess a body parasitize and use the body for their own purposes.

7. Thoughtforms

Often ourselves, focusing on negative thoughts and feelings, we create thought-forms in our aura, that is, beings that are powered by our energy. Stealing energy, they grow and become stronger and stronger, and sometimes it comes to a situation that in the astral, new, independent beings are created, which begin to live their own lives.

Each of the above-mentioned energy attacks has different nomenclature (depending on the region and culture). However, the effects and meaning is the same all the time – if we send negative energy, it will come back to us, whether we want it to or not.

Energy and aura cleansing is all about cutting off and removing it. By cleansing one’s energy bodies, aura, one removes all connections, attachments, imposed curses, charms, and all thought-forms (thought-forms are creations that we ourselves produce and energize with our own energy) and astral entities (spirits or demons).