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Vedic principles for success

1. Being yourself and doing what you love. When a person plays the role of someone and does not take the place he was supposed to take, he starts to suffer….

2. Don’t think about the outcome, enjoy the process. You may not achieve what you want right away, but by aiming for your goal steadily and persistently, and most importantly, enjoying the work of it, you are sure to get results. People around you will judge you only by the presence of the proverbial result, ignore it and continue your work.

3. There is a time for everything. If someone complains about lack of time, take a look at what he does in his spare time. So don’t waste your free time on “empty” phone calls, watching unimportant TV shows and movies, or on social media.

4. Spend quality time. Carve out time for “quality” relaxation – pool, massage, walking, creativity. Things you don’t usually have the energy for.

5. Exercise. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. What success awaits a person if his body is weak?

6. Discipline. Go to bed early and wake up early. It has been proven that the human body regenerates only between 10 and 24 p.m. If you lie awake during this time, stress will accumulate in the body. Wake up at 5 am and carve out time for your thoughts, plans, schedule, exercise and meditation. Morning is the best time for such activities.

7. Stop worrying. Destiny gives a person what he has to go through. This or that life lesson is exactly what we need, right now. Accept your life with gratitude and love. If we really can’t change something, we must accept it.

8. Learn to work without tension. Sit comfortably, breathe calmly. Observe if your eyes, neck, forehead and temples are relaxed. Be calm, because no human being can do more than his or her best.

9. Write out your goals. Underline the ones that are REALLY yours. Divide the sheet into three columns. The first column is the dreamer, the second is the critic, and the third is the realist. Test each goal against the three columns. Then assign according to when you want to achieve them. If a goal is unattainable at the moment, put it aside, do only what is important to you at the moment. And be professional about it. Don’t impose too many goals on yourself that you can’t handle right now. Take one or several and arrange a schedule for them – how exactly will you achieve them each day?

10. Deal with your subconscious mind and fears. Notice those emotions and thoughts that are holding you back from effective action. Find materials (books, videos, seminars, forums) on the subject and get rid of them. And the sooner the better! It has been proven that humans act consciously only 3 percent of the time; the rest is controlled by the “unconscious.”

11. Communicate with those who inspire you. Communicate with like-minded people. A person needs ordinary human support. If his entourage does not believe in him, expresses concerns or grievances, then communication with such people should be limited.

12. Don’t criticize. Criticism means jealousy on the subtle plane. This takes a lot of energy, creates a morbid mindset and prevents any success.

13. Think positively. Although it’s a cliched platitude, in reality positive thinking is key. You can look at the same situation from different angles. Set yourself up for optimism and life will become more beautiful.

14. Share with others. Make a small donation for the benefit of others. This cleanses the heart of selfishness.

15. Finally, always remember that your happiness is a matter of your own hands. Of course, you can hold many grudges against others, make claims on the state, your parents, your loved ones. But the key to success is to believe that God will give us strength in whatever path we choose.