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Energy protection – effective amulets and talismans

For centuries, all cultures have been accompanied by beliefs and symbols that protect against evil beings and energies. Depending on the region and country, these symbols differed slightly – starting with pentagrams, hexagrams passing through the cross and Egyptian symbols (eye of horus), symbols of the atlantes and ending with Indian symbolism (such as popular dream catchers).
Each symbol has its roots in ancient culture and tradition and is virtually equally effective. The key issue in protecting against negative energy effects is whether the symbol evokes a sense of protection, security or a generally positive impression.
For those raised in a Catholic culture, the most likely friendly protective symbol would be the cross or St. Benedict’s medallion.

The most popular and effective protective symbols found are:

1. The Pentagram in a runic circle – a strong protective symbol, protects against entities, spirits and negative energies sent towards the person wearing the symbol. The circle is important – if the pentagram is not enclosed in a circle, it has a harmful and destructive effect.
2. Cross – a popular and well-known symbol, protects against all negative energies and spirits (similar to the runic pentagram). What is important about the cross is that all ends should be rounded.
3. Eye of Horus – derived from Egyptian culture, it is an excellent protection against spirits and astral entities as well as malice and charm. In addition, this symbol facilitates contact with the world of the dead.
4. Talisman of Angels – this is a heskagram with the most important Angelic and Archangelic names inscribed on it. It has a double effect: it protects against energy attacks (malice, charm) and entities and spirits, and also attracts what we desire from the bottom of our hearts.
5. Atlantean Cross – a strong protective symbol and attracts energy. However, over time, if worn all the time, it can cause energy overload.

It is important to distinguish between an amulet and a talisman

All of the above symbols are amulets – amulets are designed to protect and shield on the principle of a shield (that is, to reflect all negative energies). A talisman, on the other hand, is meant to attract to us luck, love or any other thing or situation that we lack. It does not matter what form the protective symbol takes – whether it is a pendant, necklace or ring. All that matters is that we carry it with us and that the symbol in question is specifically action-oriented.