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What is separation spell?


The separation spell is intended to separate the relationship of two people. In a situation where your partner has left you for someone else, this spell is helpful. Thanks to the separation spell, their relationship will fall apart and it will be much easier for you to regain your partner. This spell is quite complex, as there are many reasons why a person has chosen to use this type of help.


When to use a separation spell?


– in the case of unhappy love – that is, when one person falls in love but the other does not feel the same. This solution is to quench feelings.

– if you see that your relationship doesn’t make sense

– there are various reasons why the person asking me for help decided that they no longer want to be with their current partner. If you want to end the relationship without your partner suffering, then a separation spell will work great. You will split up in harmony, without any resentment.

– when your partner has gone to another person – in this case, the spell of separation can help save your relationship. When their relationship falls apart, it will be much easier to get your partner back.


Separation spell is very often combined with other love spells, such as, for example, love binding spell, egyptian love spell. First you need to use a separation spell, and then one of the love spells. Separation spells are safe and have no side effects.

7 Reviews

  • Manna

    The Separation Spell worked perfectly in combination with Egyptian Love Spell. My situation was very difficult and complicated. Husband left me for another woman but after these works, he slowly felt disinterested with her until a big fight occurred one night where he packed up and left her. She was begging him to come back but he never looked back. He started seeing me more and more instead. He apologized to me over and over and asked me to take him back. I agreed after I made him tell all. I am over the moon happy. I can’t thank you enough Samael for such an incredibly powerful works. Totally recommended.

  • Drew

    I was in a difficult situation too – the boy left me and he had a new woman. The combination of separation spell (to cut them off) with love binding spell (to make him fall in love with me again) brought full results. The man is with me again.

  • Ecla

    Like Karina, I ordered the separation spell and the Egyptian ritual. The combination of these rituals has brought results and the boy has been with me again for 3 weeks.

  • Canada

    I confirm that the separation spells from this website work. 5 weeks after the end of spells, husband left his mistress and is back with me.

  • necklace

    In my situation, which was analogous to the above, separation spell and then a love binding spell worked. These spells made the guy walk away from that woman first and then come back to me. Thanks for the performed and the desired result. Greetings.

  • lion

    The man I want back broke up with that woman, so the separation spell worked. But now I wonder how to make him come back to me. I will probably order a love binding spell to connect us.

  • Karina

    I had a tough love situation and separation spell helped me get my guy back. After the separation spell, I ordered an Egyptian ritual that brought us together. It had a positive effect for me. Greetings.

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