Financial prosperity ritual (7sessions) – 299$

After completion of the rituals, I send photos. Thanks to this, you will recognize that ritual was performed for you.
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Taxes, business limitations, financial problems – all those are suppressing factors that may make starting or developing a company notably more challenging. However, fear not as there are unusual methods of getting rid of all the said problems altogether! Let the magical energy penetrate and destroy the spiritual barriers, granting you the opportunity to flourish in your field of expertise, making more money, canvassing more customers, and leading a happier life! Do not be afraid to take fate in your own hands!


Sometime people do not use their potential to the max, out of various reasons. There are numerous explanations for that, such as negative experiences from the past (we may not even be aware of them), lack of sheer luck, or not meeting right people. This way or another, if you have not been earning as much as you would like to, it means that your energy has been blocked, and the aforementioned obstacle must be removed to make your dreams come true. The ritual opens your eyes to the new money-making possibilities. Additionally, luck will be on your side and there will be numerous positive coincidences helping you to improve your financial condition.

At many occasions, you do not need much to run away from bad luck. Currently, you may think that earning more is impossible, but believe me that a small stimuli may be enough for you to start achieving your financial goals. You are not even aware of how many unexplored talents you have. As time passes, they may become forgotten, but they will always be waiting in your subconsciousness to be rediscovered. The financial ritual will help you to activate them and will directly translate into better earnings. Within few months from its performance, you will not only start earning, but you will also earn by doing what you really like.


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