Love Spells

Is it possible to order more than one love spell?

When reviewing offers of love spells, one can often be in a dilemma as to what will be the best solution for our particular case. We want the best possible results, and on top of that, in the shortest possible time.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a spell?

The fundamental issue is whether we want our partner to give us natural affection or whether this is not a prerequisite. After the statements in the online forums, it can be noted that most opt for white magic (Egyptian spell, classic love spell), a small group chooses love binding spell, wicca spell. Among those participating in the discussion, there is no shortage of those who order multiple spells, often from different spell caster.

Does it make sense to order more than one spell at the same time?

Since there happen to be people who perform more than one ritual, one might assume that such a strategy would speed up the effects, and certainly enhance them. But is it really? Spell caster voices are divided on this issue. In addition to those who oppose it, there are esotericists who don’t mind combining their work with another person engaged in esoteric work.

Spell casters who advocate only one spell at a time argue their position in that the energy created during the session should not mix, as this will not give the expected results. As for esotericists, on the other hand, who are in favor of combining magical works – they argue precisely that the superimposition of energies will make the rituals work together, so that the results will be better and faster.

Does it make sense to combine white magic with black love spell?

In this case, there are far fewer proponents, even among those who support combining spells. On spell caster sites you can often find information that they do not practice this type of solution. The reason is obvious: the two magics are mutually exclusive, or to put it another way: they are antagonistic to each other. Therefore, when deciding on an Egyptian spell, we should not additionally order a love binding spell or another service from the area of black magic.

Should anyone still have doubts, I would encourage them to approach a specific spell caster who will provide us with all the necessary information.