Love Spells

The power of love magic. Which spell will work in this situation?

I decided to create a several articles about various love situations with my advice on which spell would be most effective in a given case. Here are the characteristics of another case:

I’d like my partner back. He left me two months ago for unknown reasons. He still loves me, but thinks that he can’t build a relationship now. After 5 years, one day he left the house with things in my absence. Once he tried to get me back, but then he closed in on himself again. He doesn’t want to cut off contact with me, and he doesn’t want me to forget about him. It’s not about another woman or having fun. He doesn’t know what he wants, but I am very important to him and he will never just erase me from his memory. We were happy. My brother told me last summer that he was planning a marriage proposal. There were some setbacks in his life that could overwhelm him, but he really gave up on me as the only person who was really always behind him. Friends are shocked that the couple they considered one of the most harmonious broke up suddenly. I want him back”

The situation is really unusual. It seems the ex-partner needs time and more of his own space. Certainly, an important factor in increasing the chances of the success of love magic is that he doesn’t have a new woman. I think that egyptian love spell or love binding spell would be the most appropriate here.