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Egyptian love spell (7 sessions)

This is a real photo from the ritual. All rights reserved.

Egyptian love spell (7 sessions)

Price: $299.00

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On this page you can buy an Egyptian love spell based on ancient magic. It can be successfully used by believers, because during the rite I invoke only positive forces. The rite consists of seven sessions lasting several hours. This ritual is intended for people who have broken up with a partner and for people whose love is unrequited and have not been in a closer relationship together. It is absolutely forbidden to order love rituals in order to play with someone's feelings! After performing the ritual as proof, you will receive a photo taken at the end of the rite.


The ritual evokes the energy of the strongest Egyptian gods, such as Isis, Bastet, Ra, Hathor. When casting spells, I turn to the above-mentioned deities and use props so that the spell resembles the spells used in ancient Egypt as much as possible. Please remember that in ancient Egypt, sorcerers, priests, magicians and all other persons who knew love magic were highly appreciated and held a high position in the social hierarchy. This was because their spells were highly effective and helped many people. Below I will present a brief description of the deities I refer to when casting spells. The goddess Isis was the daughter of Nut I Geba, the sister of Nephthda, Seth and Osiris, the mother of Horus. Together with her brother and son, she belonged to the chief triad of Egyptian deities. Initially, her role was limited to taking care of married couples. However, along with the cult of Osiris, she was recognized as the protector of magic. In this way, she became the patron saint of Spell Casters, and of all those who had to deal with magic. Isis stole the secret of magic from God Ra and successfully used it for her purposes. She is presented as a beautiful, black-haired woman with a hieroglyph on her head, which meant the throne. In her hand she holds an amulet called "the knot of Isis" Goddess Bastet- Next to Isis, she was the second goddess who enjoyed great popularity. Bastet became famous thanks to its friendly nature. Cats were her inseparable companions. Her friendly attitude towards these animals made the Egyptians take special care of them. She was usually portrayed as a beautiful, slender woman with the head of a cat or a lion. Bastet ensured happy relationships, love and fertility. Women wishing to have a happy relationship wore Bastet amulets with kittens. To this day, Spell Casters who deal with Egyptian magic use her help. During Egyptian love spells, I use spells to address this Goddess. Its strength helps to restoration or attract love to our lives.


Another Egyptian goddess I refer to when casting spells is Hathor - the goddess of grace. Its main attributes were a mirror and a musical instrument. In human form, she was depicted in a long red dress - tight, of course, which revealed more than it covered. Like most Egyptian goddesses, she was also a long-haired brunette, often mistaken for Isis by her followers. According to a popular myth, Hathor was born from the tears of the god Ra. A tear falling to the ground turned into a beautiful woman who delighted the Sun God with her beauty so much that he called her the Gold of the Gods. Hathor became Re's favorite, the only one able to tame his anger and make him feel good again. The last deity I turn to when casting spells is Ra - the creator of order in the universe. Ruler of gods, people and the dead. The symbol of Re was the obelisk. As the god of the world and the sky, Re was the master of order in the universe. 

After completion of the rituals, I send photos. Thanks to this, you will recognize that ritual was performed for you.

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    Serenity. Following your opinions, I also decided to order Egyptian love spell. 5 days ago, a man offered me to come back. The results came unexpectedly quickly, after just a month.
    fary. The Egyptian spell worked, although were days when I completely lost my patience and faith in the success of this spell. Man came back to me 4 weeks ago, we see each other practically every day and we get along very well. Greetings.
    Swedish. Egyptian spells produced the results I expected. I am grateful. Thank you.
    Natalie. Thank you for perform the effective spell. The effects came after 10 weeks.
    donna. The Egyptian spell worked. At the very beginning, literally a few days, boy renewed contact with me. Then this contact broke off for a while. When I was losing hope, he spoke up again, and there were 2 more meetings. During the third meeting, he unexpectedly offered to return. The total waiting time for the effects was 9 weeks. For my part, I can recommend this spell, although during the period of waiting for the result I experienced mood swings, in the end the dream effects came about. Greetings.
    Danny. I had a difficult love situation and came across this site. I decided to used egyptian love spell. Honestly, I didn't quite believe in the results. Meanwhile, 10 days after the end of spells, my beloved spoke to me. We started seeing each other and decided to try again. Spell worked.
    Enigma. Which spell is more effective? Love binding spell or egyptian love spell?
    Micka45. I ordered the Egyptian Love spell 14 weeks ago. In the first two weeks after the perform, I did not have any results. After that, the man spoke to me. It was a surprise for me. For several weeks we kept in touch mainly via messenger. Six weeks after the end of the spells, we started dating. Meetings became more and more regular, until finally he offered to come back. Of course, I agreed. I am very pleased with the results, thank you for performed spells.
    Zara. Results came after 7 weeks. I am very pleased with the work of spell.
    Ivy. My love situation was quite difficult, the boy left me for a friend. But Egyptian love spell worked. The boy came back to me. Currently, two months after our return, we are doing quite well.
    swimmer. For me, as in several cases described above, the Egyptian Love Spell worked. Boy is with me again, for which I thank you very much.
    Dolphin. In my message, I wish to thank you for the Egyptian love spell. Spell worked, although my situation was not very interesting, we were not together 5 months before spell. After the egyptian spells were performed, matters started to get better very slowly until we finally got back together.