Love Spells

Ancient egyptian love rituals

The ancient Egyptians, with their rich tapestry of mystical traditions, were adept practitioners of magic and rituals that sought to tap into the cosmic forces surrounding matters of the heart. Among the myriad of enchantments, the combination of a green candle and the timeless elegance of rose petals holds a special place in Egyptian love magic. In this exploration, we unveil the secrets of this ancient art, blending the verdant energy of green candles with the sacred symbolism of rose petals to invoke and amplify the power of love.

The verdant radiance of green:

Green, symbolizing fertility, growth, and the flourishing of life, was highly revered in ancient Egyptian culture. This color, associated with the goddess Hathor, embodies the essence of love, beauty, and the life-affirming forces of nature. The use of a green candle in Egyptian love magic serves to harness the fertile energies of the earth, providing a potent channel for manifesting and enhancing love.

Sacred symbolism of rose petals:

Roses, regarded as sacred symbols in ancient Egypt, were associated with love, beauty, and the divine. The goddess Isis, often depicted with roses, was considered the epitome of love and motherhood. In Egyptian love magic, rose petals are not merely decorative; they carry the energetic imprint of love and are believed to amplify the intentions of the ritual, creating a harmonious atmosphere for the manifestation of romantic desires.

Preparing for the ritual:

Creating a sacred space is essential for the success of any magical working. Begin by cleansing the space using methods such as smudging, visualization, or the use of sacred sounds. Gather the following materials:

  1. A green candle
  2. Matches or a lighter
  3. Rose petals (fresh or dried)
  4. A small piece of paper and a pen
  5. Essential oils (optional, for anointing the candle)

Cleansing and charging:

Hold the green candle in your hands, feeling its vibrant energy and envisioning it being cleansed of any stagnant or unwanted energies. Anoint the candle with essential oils if desired, focusing on the intention of infusing it with the lush energies of love. Scatter the rose petals around the candle, allowing them to absorb the cleansing energy of the green candle.

Crafting the intention:

Sit in a tranquil and focused state, contemplating your intentions for love. Write down your desires on a small piece of paper, using concise and affirmative language. This written intention serves as a focal point for the ritual, encapsulating the essence of your romantic aspirations.

Igniting the flame:

Light the green candle, observing the verdant flame as it dances with vitality. As the candle illuminates the space, visualize it as a conduit for the life-affirming energies of nature, bringing forth the blossoming of love. Place the intention paper near the candle, allowing the energies of the flame to infuse and activate your written desires.

Rose petal blessing:

Hold a handful of rose petals in your hands, infusing them with your intentions for love. Gently blow on the petals, symbolizing the dissemination of your desires into the universe. Scatter the rose petals around the candle, creating a bed of blossoms that resonates with the ancient symbolism of love and beauty.

Visualization and connection:

Close your eyes and enter a state of focused visualization. Envision yourself surrounded by a lush garden, vibrant with the colors of nature. Picture the presence of a loving partner, the warmth of their embrace, and the joy of shared moments. Feel the energy of love enveloping you, merging with the vibrant energy of the green candle and the fragrance of the rose petals.

Affirmations and gratitude:

Speak affirmations aloud, expressing gratitude for the love that is germinating in your life. Affirmations serve to reinforce positive beliefs and align your consciousness with the energy you wish to attract. Feel the gratitude in your heart, creating a magnetic resonance with the universe.

Closing the ritual:

As the candle burns, continue to focus on your visualization and affirmations. When you sense the ritual’s completion, extinguish the flame with a sense of gratitude and confidence. Place the intention paper in a safe place or bury it in the earth, symbolizing the grounding of your desires. Allow the candle to burn completely if possible, signifying the fulfillment of the ritual.

Aftercare and reflection:

In the days following the ritual, remain open to the signs and opportunities that may align with your intentions. The scent of roses, encounters with the color green, or the appearance of symbols associated with ancient Egypt may serve as affirmations of the magic set in motion. Reflect on your experiences, acknowledging any shifts or changes in your perception of love.


Egyptian love magic, with its amalgamation of the verdant energy of green candles and the timeless symbolism of rose petals, beckons seekers to tap into the eternal forces of love. As you embark on this mystical journey, may the ancient wisdom of Egypt guide your heart towards the fulfillment of romantic aspirations. Trust the process, remain attuned to the whispers of the universe, and let the vibrant energies of love blossom in your life like the petals of an eternal rose.