Love Spells

Candle love spells that work

Wiccan traditions often celebrate the mystical dance between intention, energy, and symbolism, and love magic is no exception. In the enchanting world of spellwork, practitioners seek tools that resonate with the essence of love, unity, and communication. This guide unravels the secrets of Wiccan love magic, spotlighting the powerful combination of tourmaline and blue candles to enhance the vibrancy of your spells.

The symbolism of tourmaline and blue candles:

The art of Wiccan magic revolves around the symbolism of colors and crystals, and when it comes to love magic, the choice of tourmaline and blue candles is both meaningful and potent. Tourmaline, with its myriad of colors, holds a special place in magical practices. For love magic, the emphasis is often on pink or green tourmaline, symbolizing compassion, emotional healing, and heart-centered connections. This crystal acts as a conduit for dispelling negativity, fostering self-love, and attracting harmonious relationships. Blue candles, associated with the serene and vast expanse of the sky and ocean, represent communication, tranquility, and the fluidity of emotions. In the context of love magic, blue candles serve as vessels for expressing feelings, enhancing understanding, and establishing a deep, soulful connection within relationships.

Preparing for love magic:

Before delving into a love spell with tourmaline and blue candles, it’s crucial to establish a sacred space conducive to focused energy. Begin by cleansing your mind and surroundings through meditation, smudging, or any other purification ritual. Select a quiet, undisturbed space for your magical work, ensuring that your tools—the tourmaline crystal and blue candle—are cleansed and consecrated for their intended purpose.

Love spell with tourmaline and blue candle:

Let’s explore a potent love spell using the harmonious energies of tourmaline and blue candles.


  1. Pink or green tourmaline crystal
  2. Blue candle
  3. Pen and paper
  4. A small dish or bowl
  5. Lavender or chamomile incense
  6. Rosemary or rose-scented oil


  1. Set your intention: Clearly define your intentions for the love spell. Focus on the qualities you wish to attract in a partner or the aspects of an existing relationship you desire to strengthen. Write your intentions on the piece of paper using positive and present-tense language.
  2. Prepare the space: Light the lavender or chamomile incense to purify the space and invoke a sense of calmness. Visualize the fragrant smoke clearing away any lingering negativity, leaving behind an atmosphere of tranquility and receptivity.
  3. Charge the tourmaline: Hold the pink or green tourmaline crystal in your hands, allowing its energy to synchronize with your intentions. Visualize the crystal emanating a soft, loving light, infusing it with the power to dispel negativity and attract harmonious connections. Place the crystal in a small dish or bowl on your altar.
  4. Anoint the blue candle: Use rosemary or rose-scented oil to anoint the blue candle. As you do this, envision the candle absorbing the calming and communicative energies of the blue color, ready to facilitate open and heartfelt communication in your relationships.
  5. Create a symbolic setting: Arrange the tourmaline crystal on your altar, surrounded by symbols of love and connection. This could include images of hearts, representations of the elements, or any personal items that hold sentimental value.
  6. Focus and visualization: Light the blue candle and gaze into its flame. Visualize the flickering light as a beacon, attracting love and understanding into your life. See the tourmaline crystal amplifying and radiating the energy of love, creating a harmonious and nurturing space.
  7. Speak your intentions: Read aloud the intentions written on the paper. Speak with sincerity and conviction, channeling your desires into the universe. Envision the tourmaline crystal enhancing the power of your words and intentions, creating a magnetic force that draws love into your life.
  8. Closing the spell: Express gratitude to the elements, the candle, and any deities or spirits you may have invoked. Allow the blue candle to burn down completely, signifying the completion of the spell. Keep the tourmaline crystal as a charged talisman, carrying its loving energy with you.


Love magic with tourmaline and blue candles is a captivating journey into the realm of harmonious connections and heartfelt communication. As you explore the magic of this enchanting combination, remember that your intentions, focus, and sincerity are key ingredients in the alchemy of spellwork.